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Which one are you choosing?

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On 1/6/2021 at 8:11 AM, tdawg87 said:

Cool. I'll take my $500 million and HOF status. 

$300 million or a championship? That's an easy choice.

Yea, I am an idiot.  I glossed over the fact that Option A was a hall of famer.  For some reason I thought it was no championships and no hall of fame, just lots of money.  I change my vote to A.  

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The difference is $300 million.  You guys are ridiculous.

@Tank I think we all know who is actually winning this thing... ALL things considered. 8X All Star 1X MVP 2X CY Future HOFer 1 WS Championship* $259 million+ earning

A. Fuck Championships give me money.

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