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The Official 2021 Los Angeles Angels Minor League Stats, Reports & Scouting Thread

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The pitching side of things has kind of lacked in the system  and even this year. One of the main concerns is the command issue that our prospects have. But, there are a few names to keep an eye on.

1. Detmers, there really isn't much to say.

2. Davis Daniels, has brough his ERa down to 3.55, and his fip is at 3.92, xfip is over 5. Walk have been the biggest issue, but last start he limited the walks . If he can limit his walks, he can easily climb up the rankings. Overall Comannd and a 3rd pitch will determine his upside.

3.Zach Linginfelter, could be a hidden gem for us. ERA down to 0.75 at A+ (yes, I know)18k in 12 inning, walks are a little high. Could get into AA soon, and fe he can dominate like he has in A+, could reach the majors as a power arm

4. A. Hernandez, era down to 2.08, but walk rate is a concern. Good think, he's only had 3BB in his last 5 inning. Interesting tibit, is that he's only been going 3 innings could be pitch count issue. I still think that if he get his command to be atleast Above-average, he can be a starter and a good one. 

5. Robinson Pena, another guy with big command issue. In 8.2 Innings, he's only given up 2 hits, but 14 bb

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53 minutes ago, Vlad27Trout27 said:

Strike out are going to be part of Adell game, heck he may have K rates over 30%. It becomes that much important that he is able to maintian a good walk rate, over 8%.

His BB rate may determine if he bust or doesn't at this moment. 



I agree that BB rate is far more important than K rate, at least as far as production and value is concerned, but in the case of someone like Adell, his K rate is directly related to his ability to make contact, especially when it is accompanied by a low walk rate.

Meaning: High K rate + low walk rate = poor contact, which is one of his big problems. It is the relationship between the two (Ks and walks) that is important. Meaning, BB/K rate is what is important. 

Right now his K% is 34.2% and walk rate is 7.9%. As bad as that sounds, K rates are through the roof right now and Adell is only 172nd out of 910 qualifying players. His BB/K rate is 162nd - not good, but not terrible.

Over the last five games, Adell has struck out "only" 5 five times, including two games with 0 Ks--his only such games this season--but only walked once. Meaning, his K rate has improved but his walk rate hasn't. That is still a good sign, especially as he has made better contact with 9 hits over that span of time in 22 AB (.409 BA).

25 minutes ago, Second Base said:

Don't promote Adell until he's actually ready to produce. Don't promote him just so he can take his lumps in the majors. Once Independence Day comes and goes, and if he's cut his k-rate and has an OBP over .400 and stops making an ass of himself on defense, then go ahead and promote him. 

I honestly don't care if he's batting 1.000 sand hitting a HR every AB that he isn't intentionally walked, don't even consider promoting him until July 4th. Now obviously he won't be hitting that well, but the fact remains, he's never played in AAA before and we know from watching him, developmentally, he needs AAA time. 

Brownie points if you can promote him and Marsh at the same time. 

I agree in principle, except hoping for a .400 OBP from him is a pipe dream, unless he becomes a very different hitter (which does occasionally happen*). I don't think he'll ever have an OBP over .400, whether in the majors or minors. I'd be happy with .350, especially if accompanied by a .550+ SLG.

*Case in point, Gary Sheffield, who went from a 7-8% walk rate in his first six years, to 13.3% in his seventh and then as high as 21% in his prime. Or in other words, in his breakout season (1992) he had a 7.8 BB% on account of 48 walks, but then skyrocketed to as many as 142 one year and four times over 100.

I don't think that will happen to Adell, but a best-case scenario might be that he goes from his current 30-40ish projected in a full season to 60-80ish. 


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59 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

Kochanowicz had a decent outing in his 3rd start yesterday.

3 innings, 4 hits, 3 runs, 3/1 Ks/BBs

he was 3 scoreless and then got in trouble in the fourth where he left a couple inherited runners who scored.  He rolled 7 ground balls among his 3 k's during those 3 innings.  1 went for an error and another for a single.  

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7 minutes ago, rafibomb said:

And I mentioned it yesterday but holy shit that set-up and load are sooooo much quieter than the beginning of this season.

It's literally like a different swing and a frankly a thing of beauty.   I'm pretty sure that one he hit tonight went out of the stadium.  

When they stop throwing him strikes, please take the walk.  Please.  

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1 minute ago, Dochalo said:

It's literally like a different swing and a frankly a thing of beauty.   I'm pretty sure that one he hit tonight went out of the stadium.  

When they stop throwing him strikes, please take the walk.  Please.  

According to the broadcast it cleared the stadium and landed on the roof of the Vegas Golden Knights practice facility.

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4 minutes ago, rafibomb said:



It had to have gone over 450 ft.  He whiffed in his last at bat but the guy on the mound against him was filthy.  threw him a 90mph slider to get him.  

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