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The Official 2021 Los Angeles Angels Minor League Stats, Reports & Scouting Thread

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The Angels certainly seemed to avoid high school arms in the first couple of rounds during the Eppler era.   There are two areas of 'fools gold', if you will, when picking outside of the top 5 or

For the 2020-21 signing period that opens on Jan. 15, the top target the Angels are expected to sign is another physical, offensive-minded shortstop, Denzer Guzman from the Dominican Republic. Guzman

maybe I missed one, but I don't see one pitching prospect from mlb's top 30 international prospect list in the majors as far back as 2012.   I could be wrong on this, but my guess is that there's

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3 hours ago, T.G. said:

Is it unusual for the Angels to sign all these international players?  I have a feeling it is, but I don't know.  It's good to see them acquiring some talent in any case.

Last year, July 2 signings:

Arol Vera, ss, Venezuela
Adrian Placencia, ss, Dominican Republic 
Jose Bonilla, ss, Dominican Republic 
Adrian Pena, rhp, Venezuela
Leonar Garcia, lhp, Venezuela
Jeremy Villahermosa, c, Venezuela
Gabriel Rodriguez, c, Venezuela
Alejandro Hidalgo, rhp, Venezuela
Sandy Charle, rhp, Dominican Republic
Julio Torres, lhp, Dominican Republic
Cristofer Tejada, rhp, Dominican Republic
Anderson Vargas, lhp, Dominican Republic
Enderjer Sifontes, rhp, Venezuela
Olivier Gomez, rhp, Dominican Republic
Angel Duarte, rhp

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