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A case against Trevor Bauer (and why he may be overrated)

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16 minutes ago, Angelsjunky said:

First of all, I'm not saying that he's a non-ace, just that he's not a clear ace, and that he'll likely be paid as one. Re-reading the paragraph that you quoted, I do think it overstates the idea that he is not a top 10 pitcher when, in the end, he probably is. Off the top of my head, of pitchers that I think are clearly better, the ones that come to mind are Bieber, deGrom, Scherzer, and Cole. Then you have a group of pitchers of which Bauer could be considered part of, say the 5-15 range. But if a gun is held to my head, I'd say he's top 10.

I narrowed it to 2019-20 because I think the further back you go, the less it is representative of the present. If we look at 2018-20, Bauer looks quite good: his fWAR is 6th among all pitchers and his ERA 11th.

No, I didn't know he had a bum ankle. That certainly helps the perspective that 2018/20 is more representative of his true talent level.

That s fair re: two year sample. I just read about the ankle thing this week, but when I was looking it up to see if it had been reported, I found very little mentioned about it. But apparently he got injured with Cleveland and then it led into back issues over the course of 2019. It doesn't get brought up that much, though, for some reason. 

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