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On the 12th Day of #BauerToAnaheim the Angels gave to me....(Insert your idea here)

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So for any of you who have been following the @AngelsWin Twitter, we have been doing the "!2 Days of #BauerToAnaheim" with a new one each day.

I have written out the first 11 days and did my usual low effort photoshopping, but I left the 12th day open on purpose.

This is the most current one:


I wanted to cede the floor to members of the AW Forum to come up with the best "On the 12th day of #BauerToAnaheim the @Angels gave to me...". 


If its funny, and doesn't risk getting the @Angelswin Twitter account cancelled (*cough* @tdawg87 *cough*), I'll use it as the 12th day. This isn't a contest or anything, but I will credit the person who came up with the idea in the tweet. You guys can even vote for your favorites with reactions if you want. 

I'll try to photoshop a picture related to it although you're welcome to make one if you want


The "12th Day" will be next Wednesday, so I guess that will be the "deadline"


Here are the first 11 days:


11 Salmon's Upstream
10 Seasons with Mike Trout
9 Division Titles
8 In-n-Out Double-Doubles
7 Smiling Rendons
6 OC Beaches
4 Nolan Ryan No Hitters
3 Trout MVPs
2 Sexy Fletchers
@BauerOutage to the Angels in Free Agency


Good luck, and please don't let me down and make me ask @Chuckster70 to come up with it, lol

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9 hours ago, stormngt said:

To be honest. O am tired of Baur's self aggrandizing.   He maybe baseball's version of Donald Trump.

So i'm conflicted on him.


One of the things I think baseball needs is more stars who show their true personalities, because baseball culture has always been one of those unwritten rules where the players are fairly bland in interviews but actually are quite charming and funny in real life (Mike Trout is a good example, when you hear him in the clubhouse or mic'd up the dude is hilarious).


Trevor Bauer is someone who is stepping out and just being himself, and the dude is very opinionated, social media savvy, and that can come off pretty harsh to a lot of people, but honestly I would prefer to see the real Bauer out in public instead of some bland person.


If I were to compare the personality situation to another sport I would say that Trevor Bauer is the Tony Stewart of Baseball, with Mike Trout being Jimmie Johnson (I mean that as a compliment to both). Tony Stewart could come off like douche a lot of times, but he always said what was on his mind while Jimmie Johnson was likeable and unoffensive (and also dominant for many years).


I think Bauer would actually fit into the clubhouse really well, as I think his public persona matches a lot of baseball players private clubhouse persona.

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