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From Phenom to the Farm

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13 hours ago, Second Base said:

Brandon is gracious to take the blame, as he should, but Mike Scioscia certainly didn't help at all. 

I hate this take.  Dude couldn’t hit a curve ball and was striking out a ton in the minors. I guess we can go with 99% player and 1% Scioscia on the blame chart. 

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I always thought the best coaches were players who struggled but found success.  They needed to understand the sport in a very different manner which made a difference in how they taught the skills.

Don't really care about Wood's mlb career.   I only care that he made it out with a positive perspective and is willing to help others.  We have enough angry and spiteful people in this country. I wish him the best of luck.

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11 minutes ago, eligrba said:

I would be cool with having that experience.......I wouldn't feel any shame or embarrassment for having my ceiling be AAA

Me neither, but a bunch of mouth breathers on the internet crucify the guy.  It’s also weird that all Angel “fans” bring up Wood when they warn us about our prospects. 

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21 hours ago, sportstr44 said:


Thank you for sending this! It was really heartening to get the insight on what happened. You could tell he's still in some pain about his MLB career, but I'm so happy his experience enables him to help kids. I really wish I could shake his hand and say I'm proud of what he's become. Sometimes our journey takes us to places we never thought we'd go but at the same time it may be best for us. Maybe he didn't get the career he wanted but it sounded like his family base was terrific, and between his wife and parents, that they held him up through all the adversity. 

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I sincerely hope people take the time to listen to the podcast.  @sportstr44 Thank you for sharing it.  I really enjoyed it a great deal.

My take-away is that Brandon Wood is happy now and he's doing some great work to young kids playing baseball.  I also think that what he said about his experience (good and bad) as a baseball player were interesting. Perhaps Mike Scioscia is part of the blame for his lack of success.  Wood doesn't go so far as to point any fingers - but clearly the organization might have been able to do more to help him not only as a baseball player, but as a person who had some mental health issues.

It's really a good listen.

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