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Hey everyone, @ettin's recent Primer Series got me thinking about something we could do as a website to help bring awareness to charities you feel strongly about.  

I think we can rotate these in and out on a monthly basis. 

If you have a charity that you're interested in us promoting for free, please PM me and we'll work toward getting them in place for each of the 12 months in 2021 ahead of time. 

You will see these on the forums main page and within the forum at the top. 

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This month's charity of the month was submitted by @Dtwncbad and it's to support the Children's Skin Disease Foundation. 

AngelsWin.com's Charity of the Month 
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Skin disease results in much physical pain, some requiring several hours of medical care per day.  Additionally, and often times worse, children with skin disease experience emotional pain as a result of their appearance. Children's Skin Disease Foundation's (CSDF) mission is to improve the lives of children with life-threatening and chronic skin disease and their families by offering wonderful experiences that will enrich their lives and empower them to have a childhood without limits.


CSDF was the 16th birthday wish of Francesca Tenconi.  At eleven, Francesca was diagnosed with pemphigus foliaceous, a rare skin disease. Having been an active, outgoing child who was on a competitive swimming team, one of the most frustrating and emotionally difficult parts about her diagnosis was looking different and feeling isolated.  She yearned to meet other children with skin disease who could understand the burdens of such a visual illness. For her 16th birthday, she asked family and friends to donate money to start a non-profit that would address the unique challenges of children's skin disease. CSDF was founded a week after her birthday on June 3, 2000.  Our two main programs are Camp Wonder and Wonder Wish to help children in North America.

Francesca searched for a way to create a community for children with skin disease where they could also have fun.  Francesca was offered a week at The Taylor Family Foundation, built by Elaine and Barry Taylor for children with special needs.  Francesca then met Dr. Jenny Kim and Dr. Stefani Takahashi, both dermatologists who wanted to give back to their patients by starting a camp.  These women joined forces to co-found Camp Wonder, welcoming the first campers in August of 2001. Since 2001, Camp Wonder has hosted thousands of children and their families.

In 2017, CSDF added Wonder Wish as another way to help children and families with skin disease.


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Hello.  I wanted to take a moment to explain why I nominated this foundation for this Charity of the Month on Angelswin.com.

My younger brother at 19 got married and had a baby.  This baby was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa.  You can look up this disease here (and lots of other places): www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/epidermolysis-bullosa/symptoms-causes/syc-20361062

The reality is this is a very mean and tragic skin disease.  It is extremely painful ever day of the person's life, and most do not live long.  Many die as babies because they don't have an established immune system yet, or their immune system just gets worn out and they pass away extremely young.  My nephew was born 28 years ago and he is now 28.  I can just tell you this is a very, very long life for this disease.

When the baby was born, my brother and his new wife were instantly challenged to become superparents and medical experts on how to take care of a child with this disease.  They have done this with incredible grace.  As my nephew got a little older, my brother and his wife figured out quickly that others in the same situation could really use some help in learning quickly how to take care of a new baby with this disease.  My brother's wife would (and still does) routinely jump on an airplane and go meet brand new parents in random places in the US who are in shock with the news that their baby has this disease.  She will help them cope and teach them everything they need to know in how to take care of the baby.

When my nephew as very young, they discovered someone named Francesca Tenconi, who suffered as a child from a skin disease.  Francesca founded "Camp Wonder" www.csdf.org/camp-wonder where kids with all kinds of cruel, painful, disfiguring, and often deadly skin diseases could go to feel normal for a week.  My nephew went to this camp and had the best time of his life.  He didn't have to be a patient that week.  No staring from strangers.  No ridicule.  Nobody making fun of him.  No shame.  He could just be a kid for once.  Going to this camp became something he would look forward to every year.  And he went every year.  It was, and is, a very special place for these kids.

My brother would volunteer here.  His wife would volunteer here.  She started hand-making stuffed ducks to give to each kid that goes to the camp.  She makes each of them to be unique and she makes them every year.  It is a big project but she loves it and the kids look forward to collecting the new duck for each year.

As I mentioned, my nephew is now 28.  By the time he reached adulthood he knew he had to give back to this camp as well.  So he now goes every year to be a counselor for all the kids that go there.  He is really good at it since he can relate to everything they go through, and he also went to this camp his whole life.

Anyway, that is how I am connected to this camp and I can tell you first hand that it is basically magical for these kids.  It is non-profit of course.

I just ask that you please poke around on the website and take a look www.csdf.org/camp-wonder

It is amazing and it is worthy of anyone’s charitable consideration.

Thanks for listening.  If you are interested in making a contribution, it would be greatly appreciated and I humbly thank you.

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16 minutes ago, SkyMonkey said:

My best wishes to your brother and his wife. Made a small donation, and encourage all posters here to do what they can.

Thank you @SkyMonkey.

Let's go AngelsWin. This is a great charity. 

Also, if you have a charity in mind please send me a PM so we can get it scheduled for the future. 

I have @Vegas Halo Fan next in line. 

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