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Sign up for First Annual AngelsWin.com Charity Golf Tournament


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This is going to be a fantastic event. We are really excited to be putting it on. While there will be more details to come as we seek out potential special guests, prizes, contests, etc. We are ready to register golfers now! 


I'm available for hire to create amazing flyers and marketing pieces. I'm really good as you can tell by the attachment.


Please reply if you plan on playing. You can pay immediately. We'll follow up if you haven't the week of June 24th. Invite your friends, family members, clients, vendors. If you are able to secure raffle items, prizes, sponsors or donations, let us know.


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Should be fun, though I really suck at golf. 


Going to get some practice in before I head down for sure.


That is the beauty of a scramble, as long as you are with someone good lol.


I will actually use my 3 wood for this.  So if I totally shank it, like I usually do, it wont matter.

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I got excited when I saw the June 24th date because I was going to be down there, camarillo actually but I would have made the drive........crap.   No go for me in August. 


Haven't played San Juan Hills in probably 20 years.  My bro said they made some improvements a while ago. 

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How wonderful of a golfer do I have to be? Or should I just donate 80 bucks and put myself out of my misery?

The beauty of the scramble format. All 4 of you tee off, then all 4 of you play from the spot of the best tee shot, and so on. All you need is one good player.

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I would love to go but I'm a horrible golfer. Angels Win is getting BIGGER and bigger each day. Awesome work fellas. 


If you even have a vague idea of how to swing a club you can go to a scramble.  It is for fun and charity, doesn't matter how good you are.  I am a 25+ handicap.

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Oh man, aug. 16 is the last day of work before school starts and we might be having registration that day. Put me down as a maybe. I probably won't be able to pay on time as we don't get our back-to-school schedule until late July/early August.

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