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Congratulations to Kim Ng

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I hope she kicks ass with the Marlins and makes that team a perennial contender. 

Something something gift basket

The fact that you finished your post with a : instead of a . makes it even creepier.

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8 hours ago, angelsnationtalk said:

But he's a Trump supporter so therefore he's a sexist, racist and bigot..... right? 🤣

But wait.... He's not a real Mexican because he's Republican..... 

For anyone thinking i'm being serious i'm just joking so don't get triggered. 

Sniper GIF by memecandy

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4 hours ago, Warfarin said:

Right.  They cast a wide net and ended up hiring the second in command with the Braves, who are a very successful organization, and a guy who has spent close to a decade working under one of the best in the business (Anthropolous) and is widely considered to be very strong at scouting and developing talent.

I'm super happy with our pick of Minasian, and likewise, I'm super stoked for Ng and the Marlins.  I think it is reasonable that we can be happy for both parties while not feeling like we missed out.

just an fyi because i notice you keep doing it, but there's no "R" in alex anthopoulos.

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5 hours ago, Inside Pitch said:

I think a lot of people had, it had been a while since she was even mentioned as a candidate...  I think when she took a job with MLB itself she likely fell off some front office peoples' radar.  Like everything else it may have been a case of what have you done for me lately.  Her not being a part of any one teams front office likely lowered her profile a bit.   

I wonder if she had given up on getting that top spot and Jeter calling changed all that.  The end result is someone who was seen as highly capable is finally getting their shot, and MLB may have seen a glass ceiling shattered.

All i can think of was at this point shes likely a known commodity so people either had interest or didnt.. and since we already interviewed her under Arte i guess he didnt for whatever reason.  I mean hell we seem to have interviewed more or less everyone else, lol 
either way im glad to see her get a shot and hope she does well. 

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3 hours ago, Jay said:

Sounds like a diversity hire to me.

Kind of like when UCLA hired Karl Dorrell.

Don't get me wrong I thought that was a great hire.

Boy was I wrong.


sounds like a long over due hire to me. she was on everyone's list of future gm's until she took the job with mlb. i do agree with the assessment that she just kind of fell off the lists because of that job. she's got 30 years in mlb experience with some of the great front offices. it's disrespectful to call her a diversity hire, just as it's disrespectful to ignore her gender and race. the truth, as usual, lies between the poles.

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Count this up to generational change in the ranks of baseball owners. Ng may not have been on Arte's radar at all. Jeter is the leading edge of a younger group that will only get bigger with time. Ng handled Jeter's first big contract under Cashman. She has also dealt with Mattingly. Her fan club also included Joe Torre, the former Angels broadcast analyst who also did some other stuff. There was probably no other candidate in Miami.

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On 11/15/2020 at 9:03 AM, Jay said:

You say that as if it's a bad thing.

I kind of prefer when the best person for the job gets hired, regardless of any identity tag.  I will assume that is the case here.  She has been interviewing for GM jobs for years and years and she has a deep background in baseball.

But now that you bring it up, it has me thinking.  Just exactly how many Hispanics do you think should be in thoracic medicine?  We really want to get this right.

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  • Chuckster70 changed the title to Congratulations to Kim Ng

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