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Angels announce Perry Minasian as their next general manager

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JFC....  The Angels supposed strength at the time was their youthful rotation.  Their weakness was the complete lack of position player depth up and down the system. These were the pitchers on ha

Remember when the list came out and all of the AW experts said how much they loved Minasian?     Me neither.

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Great!  Of the 5 finalists, he was the one I wanted, due to his pedigree and the people he has worked with.

Eager to see his vision and the changes he makes moving forward.  The first offseason of a new GM usually sees quite a bit of change, although who knows what'll happen given the unique circumstances of this offseason.

I hope Arte invests in the FO and lets Minasian hire a significant amount of FO personnel, including both scouting and analytics.

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2 minutes ago, rafibomb said:


 Big brain Perry signing Kean so we can get Kolten

Thanks man.  I tried to copy and paste it here but it just lists the link, it doesn't pop up like that.  Not sure how to do that.  Thanks for posting it!

Famously, the Friedman tree (Anthropolous served under him for one year) is very good at improving teams "on the margins," so to speak.  I would look to see a lot of these kinds of moves upcoming - guys who could surprise.

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Kean Wong's scouting report, via Fangraphs:



Wong was kept at Triple-A for the third straight year and posted his second consecutive season with an above-average statline. He’s bounced around waivers, a 40-man casualty of Tampa Bay and the Angels before landing in San Francisco. His versatility, speed, and above-average contact ability from the left side fit like a glove in a bench role.


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