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How would you spend $40M this offseason?

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6 minutes ago, Dochalo said:

I really do see the Halos investing in another high dollar long term contract.  

The only real shot we have at Bauer is if he signs for 4yrs or less.  

I don't think Bauer or Stroman will get more than 4 years.

I know money is tight but if you can get Bauer for like 3 years with an option, you really gotta try.

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Beach house and a couple cars probably.  Especially since travel is pretty tough to do right now.

I like your thoughts, and I agree that as much as I'd like Bauer, someone like Gausman is probably far more likely. That said, I would be disinclined to trade Marsh at this point.  We need legit

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Bauer is a weird dude, at time i wonder what goes on in his mind. Regarding his contract, he's a wildcard no idea what he wants.

Stroman, has to be looking for a multi year deal, he'll be 30 and i don't he wants to to take a one year deal and try again in free agency at 31.  Stroman, i think will probably get a 4 year deal around 16-18 mil or a 3 year deal close to 20 mil. 

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2 hours ago, Vlad27Trout27 said:

This will be first of many

Stroman: 17 mil over 5 years ( 85 mil/ 5 year)

Britton: 12.5 mil over 2 years (25 mil/2 years). Isn't the elite closer he once was, but has 70% Ground ball rate, and does not give up homeruns. 

Richards : 10 mil over 3 years (30 mil/ 3 years) 

Dfa Robles and Anderies.

Peacock: 6-7 mil over one year. 


Stroman, Bundy, heaney, Canning, Richards, and Ohtani/Barria




Why do so many want to DFA Andriese?  He actually looked rather good once he made some adjustments, and he's likely to earn less than 3mil via arbitration (probably 2-2.5mil).  That's not a bad gamble.

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2 hours ago, tdawg87 said:

I don't think Bauer or Stroman will get more than 4 years.

I know money is tight but if you can get Bauer for like 3 years with an option, you really gotta try.

While owners will claim poverty due to COVID, I do think that the #1 pitcher in any free agency market will always get paid well, because teams always need top pitchers.  I think Bauer, if he wants a long-term deal, will still get paid a lot.  The rest though (Stroman, Gausman, etc) will probably get squeezed and not earn as much as they'd prefer.

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I don't understand how we could spend $12MM on a "#3" given our track record, what is a #3 anyways and when was the last time we signed one that worked out?  Also how can you justify spending that amount on a decent pitcher at best, players have depreciated in value since the shortened season and the uncertainties ahead.  Players are not worth what they were in 2019.

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21 hours ago, Stradling said:

My personal opinion is making Ohtani the closer does nothing to his value other than hurt it.  Durability between a closer and a starter favors starting, not closing.  Also making him the closer means he is no longer a two way player.  

Not necessarily. If he could play corner outfield he could come in to pitch and even go back to the outfield. 

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  1. Sign Bauer 7/224 or something similar.  Convince Albert to retire, rolling the final year of his deal into the 10 year personal services contract, and have him as a color analyst.  
  2.  Fix the bullpen.  Sign Hendricks, using the others to pitch the 6th, 7th, and 8th innings.  
  3.  Trade for Musgrove.  Thaiss and Yan could start the package.  
  4. Keep Marsh and Adell if at all possible.  I am not trading Adell unless Dustin May is coming to us.  
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On 9/30/2020 at 9:36 PM, Angelsjunky said:


I saw the figure of $40 million to spend this offseason, with all things tolled. Let's have a bit of fun - how would you spend that money? For this we'll still to AAVs, so don't worry about length of contracts. 

Below is a list of estimated 2021 salaries; each player could go for more or less, but I tried to figure out basic groupings of players and an average value for each. Feel free to adjust as you like it, but try to be realistic. These numbers are just a starting point and guesstimate.

$35M Ace starter: Bauer.

$22M Elite position player: Realmuto.

$20M Impact position players: Ozuna, Semien, LeMahieu, Springer.

$15M #3 starters: Stroman, Tanaka, Gausman.

$15M Good position players: Gregorius, Simmons, Cruz, Brantley, Schoop.

$12M questionable/bargain #3s: Ray, Odorizzi, Walker, Paxton, Porcello.

$12M elite reliever: Hendricks.

$10M #4 starters: Minor, Smyly, Milone, Wainwright, Quintana.

$10M solid position players: Pederson, Miller, Turner, La Stella, Cespedes, Hernandez, McCann, Profar, Puig, Villar, Grossman, Molina, Pillar, Kipnis, Galvis, Bradley Jr.

$9M good relievers: Treinen, Colome, Greene, Clippard, Rosenthal, McGee, Soria, Yates.

$8 #5/bargain starters: Richards, Chatwood, Hill, Fiers, Anderson, Cahill.

$6M platoon/good bench players: Cervelli, Flowers, Castro, Avila.

$6M solid relievers: Hunter, Wilson, Bass, May, Holland.


And others. I'm sure there's lots of quibbling with price and categorization, but do your best.


Will Angels be spending at all?

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4 minutes ago, Lou said:

Bundy, 2020 

Bundy was supposed to be a #5 maybe #4 at best, he was a reclamation project and was not projected to #3, that was Teheran no?  Bundy wasn't a signing, he was a trade, so it's irrelevant to this thread.  Love you Louie.

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