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The Official 2020 MLB Playoff Series Gameday Thread

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Hoping for a Rays/Braves WS. 2020 would suck just a little less.

I'm actually impressed. That was a classic Angels loss. Offense looks great in the early innings, then make a dreadful baserunning error and completely forget how to hit for the rest of the game. Then

I found RedOracle: "I watched my Ohio Bobcats blow a 20-0 halftime lead in their shot at the first MAC title since 1968, that one hurt pretty bad."

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The MLB front office would lose their shit if that happens. I think it would be great for fans outside of the major metro, getting some validation rather than the constant media jerk off to their star laden teams. Ratings would be shit but in general the playoffs ratings this year are crap anyways. 

Manfred has successfully done the complete unexpected and during a time where baseball was one of the few sports options available he pissed off the players, owners and fans by fucking up the restart over greed. This was a chance to bring back baseball as America's sport, an oasis in this desert of problems and instead made it part of the pandemic. A clusterfrack.

So I look forward to the Rays and Braves in a World Series, the anti-heroes in this fucked up season. A perfect fuck you to the office of the commissioner.

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Save the Cubs World Series, the World Series ratings suck every year.

The NBA Finals ratings were abysmal.

The Stanley Cup ratings were abysmal.

The instrument hasn't been invented which can measure my disinterest in whether the MLB World Series ratings are going to be good.  Casual fans are not tuning in for four hours, period.

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