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People thought he was crazy when he rifled the ball from the mound over the CF wall. Personally, I thought that was badass. 

I was 90% sure we would sign Cole 1 am 90% sure we won't sign Bauer.   So I guess we're getting Bauer.  

He seems like a douche, but I'd be happy if he were our douche.

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I'd like to see Arte NOT sign anybody big this off-season.  Everything positive we've seen has mostly come from within and I think it will continue with this elite coaching.  We might turn out being kind of like the Rays and A's, where we magnify the talent we have and don't need to sign super stars every off-season.  Sure, maybe one reliable arm,  but splurging on an ace-like arm and with our luck it won't work out for the best.  And a 25-30MM pitcher will set us back payroll wise quite a bit for the future.  Arte needs to prove he's not just a man who parts with money but also a frugal investor in his ballclub's future.   And right now we have team chemistry that shouldn't be messed with.  We also have some talented arms in the wing ready to replace Teheran next season, one of them being Ohtani.

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5 hours ago, Game 6 said:

He would be the perfect addition to the top of our rotation. I think better than Gerrit Cole would have been because of everything he brings to the team.

We know he's not going to be a Yankee but I don't think he's going to be an Angel either.

Padres, bet on it.

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