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Questions for Angels Scouting Director Ric Wilson


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Going to have a LIVE Chat with him tomorrow. Post your questions here for Ric.


Anything to do with the upcoming draft and/or the current minor leaguers/farm system. 


We'll circle back with Ric after the draft for another LIVE Chat as well. 

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Will we continue to see a combination of drafting HS and college players?   That is an excellent way of rebuilding a farm system wih a lack of upper levels prospects.

Or will the edge lean back to HS players, now that the past two drafts saw a lot of college players taken?

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What current Angels minor leaguers have top 100 prospect breakout potential? 


What guys have great tools or good all around game that have struggled but could put it all together and be a productive major leaguer?


With no pick until 59, who are you targeting? Any players you hope you can grab that fall due to commitments that scare teams off?

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Was there any interest in signing Yasiel Puig when he was on the market?

Who is a good comp for CJ Cron and when do you think he'll be ready for the Majors? Which position(s) can he handle defensively?

Can Kole Calhoun be an everyday outfielder, or is he 4th OF material?

How much do you hate the new draft bonus-pool budgets?

Is there any organization you try to model your amateur scouting strategy after? St. Louis perhaps?

With the 29th ranked bonus pool money, will this force the Angels to take older, lower ceiling, college type draft picks?

If a player like Kyle Serrano falls to your lap at no. 59, do you take him, pay over the slot, and sacrifice some picks in the following rounds in hopes to have a top tier prospect?

Will this be the most 'safe pick, college-pitching heavy' Angels draft thus far?

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Others I have:


With the recent international successes of Darvish, Chapman and Cespedes, with Puig already looking great, will you put more emphasis on the international market?


Who does Taylor Lindsey remind you of and what is his ceiling/floor?


Is CJ Cron a future .900 OPS bat at the major league level or more of a Billy Butler type of hitter?


Which pitcher has the most upside?


Which pitcher is the safest bet to be a good major league starter?


Safe college pitchers or toolsy high school players?

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Players with a strong passion for the game of baseball are not only excellent teammates but have significantly higher chances for a successful long-term MLB career.  Without a statistic to go by, how does the club analyze a prospect's passion for the game?  How much is this considered when drafting players?

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