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What happened to Daniel Tillman?


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I recall him supposedly being a college bullpen arm that could move quickly.


Well he's now 24 and hasn't figured out AA hitters(and has apparently been hurt for over a month now, I guess).


Seems like his control, which wasn't perfect to begin with, has just totally disappeared.


That's a bummer, especially considering he was at one point looking like one of the potential bright spots of that 2010 draft.





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In my mind, that's the biggest issue with prospects in any org.  They rarely pan out as expected


Selling off a bunch of proven major leaguers to restock a system with a bunch of potential major leaguers all the while the two main guys (albert and josh) responsible for the team not winning are still with the org. 


RJ Alvarez is another guy.  He was good last year and pretty good this year but he was supposed to move quickly and help the team very soon.  He's walking almost 7 guys per 9.  Granted, I think he ends up a nice back of the pen guy, but guys with walk rates like that don't move quickly. 

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Do other orgs have this many wild pitchers?

Of course they do. You just don't follow when a prospect in the brewers org flames out due to lack of control or command. Likewise very few outside of the angels fan base will know an RJ Alvarez or Daniel Tillman.

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That's just it though, if it's one here, one there, that's one thing.

It does seem that MANY of this org's pitchers are on the wild side.

Whether that's because they collectively have a lack of confidence to throw strikes without getting hammered, or simply can' locate, I can't answer.  

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I did look up all 4 minor league teams (rookie leagues not starting yet). 

SLC = 252 BBs in 520 innings = almost 4 1/2 BBs/9 innings.

Ark = 172 BBs in 465 innings = about 3 1/3 BBs/9 innings. 

IE = 182 BBs in 502 innings = about 3 1/4 BBs/9 innings.

Bur = 163 BBs in 440 innings = about 3 1/3 BBs/9 innings.


So I was vindicated at the AAA level, but was surprised to see the team totals at low-A, high-A, and AA be better than expected.

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