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Are the Angels your favorite sports team?

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Without question. They're the only team I truly care about. The Rams are a distant second, followed by an even more distant LA Kings. Don't follow the NBA or college sports anymore.  

Angels           Baseball Lakers           Rams

He likes to be “that guy” more than anything else in life.  His sport is trolling. 

1. Angels 

2. Long Beach State sports - but it's a distant 2nd. I don't follow it like I used to. In fact, I barely keep up at all (Sorry AO)

3. Team USA in any Olympic sport

4. Horse Racing. Favorites obviously change over time. All time favorite was a horse named Free House.

I'm basically all in for Angels baseball and not much else. I'd rather go fishing than watch other sports... That being said, I haven't watched a whole Angels game once this year.

Not being able to go to games has really impacted my interest. Most nights I go to sleep before games are even over.

That's a big change for me.

No longer watch the NBA. Rarely watch NFL (Vikings fan growing up). Stopped watching the NFL when I stopped playing fantasy football. Don't watch NHL (tried one year and just couldn't get into it). Had mild interest in the World Cup (which is a big step for me). I could probably become a soccer fan without too much effort.

The funny thing is I will watch human interest stories about any athlete all day long. Love ESPN's 30 for 30, etc. It doesn't matter what sport they played.



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Yes. For me, sports are tiered like so:

1. Baseball

small gap

2. Tennis

big gap

3. Football

big gap

4. Basketball, Soccer

big gap

5. Everything else


Tennis doesn't involve teams, so there's no real competition, but my favorite player is Roger Federer, so I guess you could say he's my coeval favorite "team." Among younger players I like Andrey Rublev and Felix Auger-Aliassime. I haven't really had a favorite football team since the early 90s when I grew tired of my favorite, the Buffalo Bills, losing in the Super Bowl every year. Kind of liked the Colts during Peyton Manning's hey-day. Now I don't have a favorite, and mostly just follow during the second half and playoffs, once baseball is done and things get interesting.


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