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Are the Angels your favorite sports team?

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4 hours ago, Stradling said:

A lot of this surprises me.  This is what I would have said for you:

Bruins Football






Making fun of the Yankee failures

I don't get the "baseball" and "football" answers. 

I actually do like cricket. I've watched much more of it lately than baseball. Baseball isn't my favorite sports. I like CFB and CBB much more. 


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Without question. They're the only team I truly care about. The Rams are a distant second, followed by an even more distant LA Kings. Don't follow the NBA or college sports anymore.  

Angels           Baseball Lakers           Rams

He likes to be “that guy” more than anything else in life.  His sport is trolling. 

2 hours ago, Junkballer said:

Curious about what sparked your connection to Alabama football.

The two Bruin wins over them in 2000 & 2001 are among my favorite out of conference, regular season memories.  

I've always like Bama football  (and hated Auburn). I enjoyed watching SEC football on Saturday mornings. It was cemented when my nephew decided to attend school there. 

I went to the game in 2000. It was crazy. Beat the #3 ranked team, then came back and beat #3 Michigan two weeks later.(still by far the hottest game I've ever attended) 

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13 minutes ago, Lou said:

I don't get the "baseball" and "football" answers. 

I actually do like cricket. I've watched much more of it lately than baseball. Baseball isn't my favorite sports. I like CFB and CBB much more. 


So when I say Baseball it is like saying “I’d watch any baseball game before I watch The Rams”

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52 minutes ago, Duren, Duren said:

Montreal Canadiens light years ahead of any other team in any sports. When I lived there I saw 18 Stanley Cup championships. Went to a dozen victory parades. Was a regular in the standing room section of the Montreal Forum. Lean decades recently, but a magnificent past that fuels hope for the future. Maybe.

When the Expos were dismantled my passion for baseball died. Formerly it was pretty intense. The Angels were my American League team. The early 2000s compensated somewhat for the Expos demise. For the last decade I've gone to an Angel game every year except this season, obviously.

My dad and uncle were season ticket holders at the old Montreal Forum. Lots of great history. In 1987 I was there to see the Soviet team play the NHL Canadian All Stars. Got to see Tretiak vs Dryden. Canada won 7-3. Greatest hockey game I’ve ever watched live. I’ve attended games at Jarry Park and Olympic Stadium. 

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14 minutes ago, failos said:

Sounds like something a bandwagoner would say. 


13 minutes ago, failos said:

That’s true, but I don’t think he’s trolling—he’s being serious most of the time.

I root for the Angels but the past six seasons they’ve been atrocious. It sucks watching other teams compete at a high level when we’re eliminated in August. 

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For the first two decades of my life, it was UCLA basketball, followed by the Angels and Lakers in a tie for second place. Both of my parents are UCLA alumni; my dad spent 8 years there and UCLA won the title in 7 of them. UCLA basketball was literally bigger than religion growing up.

But I don’t like the way college basketball has changed overall and I hate what the NBA game has become. (The last game I watched was the Christmas Day abomination when the Lakers attempted 45 f**king three-pointers and blew a 15-point lead to the Clippers. I realized that I just don’t enjoy watching the sport any longer.) 

For at least a decade, the Angels have been #1. If you told me the Angels could win the World Series or the Lakers, Rams, Kings, and UCLA basketball could all win a title in the same year, I would choose the former in a heartbeat. 

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For me, yes. Baseball was the first sport I really followed as a kid, and we went to a lot of Angels games in the 1970s and '80s (Anaheim Stadium was easier to get to from our home than Dodger Stadium). The Padres are my favorite NL team.

Throughout the '80s, the Lakers would be my second favorite team, but that has waned a bit because I've lost interest in the NBA as a whole.

Football-wise, I've had a weird history in rooting interest. I was a Rams fan as kid and teen, with the Seahawks my second favorite, but then I "disowned" the Rams when they moved to St. Louis. I went to college in San Diego in '90s and it was there I became a Charger fan (which I am to this day). I still like the Seahawks, and interstingly, always liked the 49ers despite their rivalry with the Rams.

Otherwise, I've always rooted for USC, but my deepest allegiances lie with San Diego State, my alma mater. For hockey, I root for both the Kings and the Ducks, though I understand that's quite a rarity.

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On 9/14/2020 at 10:51 PM, Lou said:

Strange trio. How did that come about?

I don't know. I liked the Suns name and logo when I was younger. I'm from NY and always liked the Islanders and became an Angels fan when Carew was traded. I felt the Yankees were too good and the Mets were horrible so I was a Twins fan because of Carew.

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1. Angels 

2. Long Beach State sports - but it's a distant 2nd. I don't follow it like I used to. In fact, I barely keep up at all (Sorry AO)

3. Team USA in any Olympic sport

4. Horse Racing. Favorites obviously change over time. All time favorite was a horse named Free House.

I'm basically all in for Angels baseball and not much else. I'd rather go fishing than watch other sports... That being said, I haven't watched a whole Angels game once this year.

Not being able to go to games has really impacted my interest. Most nights I go to sleep before games are even over.

That's a big change for me.

No longer watch the NBA. Rarely watch NFL (Vikings fan growing up). Stopped watching the NFL when I stopped playing fantasy football. Don't watch NHL (tried one year and just couldn't get into it). Had mild interest in the World Cup (which is a big step for me). I could probably become a soccer fan without too much effort.

The funny thing is I will watch human interest stories about any athlete all day long. Love ESPN's 30 for 30, etc. It doesn't matter what sport they played.



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