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Are the Angels your favorite sports team?

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Without question. They're the only team I truly care about. The Rams are a distant second, followed by an even more distant LA Kings. Don't follow the NBA or college sports anymore.  

Angels           Baseball Lakers           Rams

He likes to be “that guy” more than anything else in life.  His sport is trolling. 

8 hours ago, Lou said:

No. Bruin football, baseball and basketball come first.

Then Angels baseball.

Then comes Alabama football and the Lakers. 

A lot of this surprises me.  This is what I would have said for you:

Bruins Football






Making fun of the Yankee failures

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Since i was around 10, yes.  Always #1.  Ive liked others mostly local teams such as the Lakers and Rams back before the StL trip.. and dabbled in a few others such as the Galaxy in soccer and whatnot.
At this point i would say they still are, as i no longer watch the NFL or NBA.  I was already down on both for becoming the ESPN show over playing the games... but the recent social agenda garbage killed any remaining desire i had to watch them.  This baseball season is so odd im struggling to take it seriously so even that interest has lessened. 
At this point i watch more soccer than anything, and mostly Euro to avoid the social justice agenda.  The MLS has been an active supporter of antifa for some time now so i i couldnt watch Seattle or Portland due to the giant antifa banners. 
Sport to me is supposed to unify, not divide.. and right now it doesnt do that so i am having trouble supporting it. 

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Montreal Canadiens light years ahead of any other team in any sports. When I lived there I saw 18 Stanley Cup championships. Went to a dozen victory parades. Was a regular in the standing room section of the Montreal Forum. Lean decades recently, but a magnificent past that fuels hope for the future. Maybe.

When the Expos were dismantled my passion for baseball died. Formerly it was pretty intense. The Angels were my American League team. The early 2000s compensated somewhat for the Expos demise. For the last decade I've gone to an Angel game every year except this season, obviously.

Also a fan of the Niners since the 70s. Went to their training camp in Rocklin one year. 

A fan if USC since the McKay/Robinson years. Finally went to a couple of games in recent years and enjoyed the ambience. Especially beating Notre Dame a few years ago.

Not much of a basketball fan since the Showtime Lakers.

Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. Used to sneak into games on the Mount Royal side of the stadium when I was a kid. 

I've lived in Vancouver for years, but have never cared for any of the local teams.

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