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Gameday Thread: Angels vs. Padres (9/03/2020)

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He is 24 years old, no options, and has 1,141 at-bats at the Triple-A level with only 212 at the Major League level. If now's not the time in a lost season with just a month of games left to give him

Heaney did great tonight!  

Absolutely no reason not to give it a try at this point....

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3 minutes ago, Justin said:

How good can Clevinger be if he can't retire Upton?

(I'm kidding.... mostly)

Or all of the lineup except the top three.  Look at those averages.  Barf!!  So far glad the angels didn’t empty what’s left of the farm for this guy. 

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1 hour ago, bloodbrother said:

Feel confident that any pitcher can throw any offspeed pitch nowhere near the plate and Burrito will always swing at them anyway....actually they can probably throw them in the zone and he'd still miss tbh

You got this feeling by watching him bat once?

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