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What are you rooting for?

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8 hours ago, Inside Pitch said:

The biggest difference up there is he didn't dismantle their scouting dept.  The M's had one of the best international scouting depts (especially in Asia), and a very strong and established scouting dept as a whole.   Roger Jongerwaard was as good at building scouting departments as the Sutherlands were or Logan White is now.  He left the M's in like 2004 or so (went to the Rays and oversaw their climb to respectability), but his fingerprints remain all over the place.   He was also gifted with the Cano trade.  That was just a unique situation..  new GM former agent wants his guy and gets his guy.   That trade will haunt Brodie forever and keep JD in free dinners for a good decade...  as it should.

Seriously -- check out their actual drafts and look over the names and their prospect status...   http://www.thebaseballcube.com/draft/teams/byTeam.asp?T=26  You go 1-10 every year since he got there and you see the good first rounder and then a bunch of filler -- which is pretty much the norm..     Most of the good stuff came from the selling off of assets that had been acquired by his predecessor.   So you gotta give him props, but he had material to work with which is more than can be said for what he left behind in Anaheim.

Ultimately the same story applies to JD and the M's as it does to everyone else -- the young guys have to come up and produce.  So far Lewis (3rd overall) is doing it, Evan White isn't.   Considering they committed money to White, they likely need him to pan out.  JP Crawford and Shed Long are also a part of what is supposed to be their core, neither looks like a future star, not that they need to be but... they don't figure to even be what Aybar and Kendrick were based on their early performances.   What I do like is that he's been able to add a lot of college pitching the last three years.  Logan White (who I loved), George Kirby, and now Emmerson Hancock..  Not sure if you've noticed but he's also drafted a guy the Angels drafted as sophomore (coming off injury) and didn't sign, Isaiah Campbell.

As far as the Halos go.   You've said this before, and it's something I 100% agree with -- Eppler came into a situation with no money and a pitching staff that was supposed to anchor his 5 years as GM..    The only guy that is still around is Heaney, and he missed 18 months with TJS too..   Shoemaker -- injuries and a freak accident.  Richards injury after injury.  Skaggs TJS and then stupidity.   The Angels drafts were high risk/high reward and focused on position players..   Maybe they were dumb to have believed the guys at the MLB level would stay healthy -- but they tried to focus on what they had and what they needed..  which unfortunately was everything.

Farm wise.... I don't really believe Arte held Eppler back other than maybe skimping on the scouting department which is beyond stupid..  I think the situation was just very bleak and Eppler chose to try to create position player depth.   How much Arte held back financially at the MLB level.  I have no clue, but there is no question the AP and Hamilton deals were obstacles.

why did JD dismantle the scouting department yet keep it intact for the M's?  I agree with you 1000% that I think his draft strategy is for shit after the first round or two.  But I keep coming back to the one thing that bothers me about the Angels current approach.  Any time there has been an expiring or redundant asset over the last ten years and it could be exchanged for something of future value, it, by and large, goes to the major league club.   A philosophy that's never going to result in max value.  Unless of course your GM gets every move right.  

I think Eppler is a good GM.  I also think the acquisitions of guys like Barreto and Naughton are apropos to his directive.  I guess I feel like we keep dipping our foot in the pool waiting for it to be the perfect temp.  Time to jump in or walk away.  Problem is now you might be committed to jump in regardless.  They're in a pretty tough spot unless we see some advancement from the young guys more quickly than expected.  

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I'll never, ever root for the Angels to lose. But if they end up with the #1 or #2 draft pick, I won't complain.

I'm rooting for AP to be relegated to a PH role, and for Matt Thaiss to play everyday the rest of the year.  The sooner they see what they have the better.   Whether they make a deal with him after th

Whatever happens I'm rooting for the young talent to improve so we have less worries and holes for next season.

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I think you're spot-on, Doc.  But in all fairness, I think having Mike Trout on your team has, in large part, served as the impetus behind the approach for years.  There has undoubtedly been pressure to build a winner rather immediately during his entire career (particularly before the extension).  

I'm not saying it's been a correct or incorrect approach (I'm not a fan of hindsight), but am only pointing out I understand the reasoning behind the approach.  Heck, we have all wanted Mike to get to the playoffs asap for his entire career.



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This is a little inappropriate but I am kind of rooting for a career ending injury for Pujols. It is about the only way to purge him from a roster space next season. I know he is chasing Mays but he has been so bad that there is no reason to pander to his milestone chasing. An injury gives him the dignity that simply cutting him loose wouldn't to end his career. But he simply can't be a part of next season's bench as a player. 

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On 9/1/2020 at 4:49 PM, Trendon said:

I want some guys to step up and grab hold of jobs for 2021 and beyond.

Stassi: prove that you can be an everyday starter at C. He showed he can at least be part of a platoon. If he was the starter, I don't think it would be terrible.

Walsh/Thaiss: one of you step up and take Pujols' job at 1B. Hey, look. Jared Walsh did exactly that.

Rengifo/Barreto: perform well in the majors and earn the starting 2B job next year. No one showed up here, and unfortunately both of them ended the season injured.

Adell: live up to the hype that you have as a top 5-10 prospect in MLB. Adell didn't turn it around, but Ward took most of his playing time and showed he could be a solid contributor.

Barria/Sandoval/Suarez: grab hold onto a rotation spot and prove that you are a MLB caliber starter. Barria did that. Sandoval looked pretty decent out of the pen.

Barnes/Mayers/Middleton: show us who you are. Can you be a trustworthy reliever in the majors? Mayers did that. Barnes barely pitched. Where's Middleton? Oh yeah, the alternate site.


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