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Was the Adenhart tragedy the first domino?

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As we are all painfully aware, Nick was tragically taken from us in April of 2009.  Of course, this is all pure speculation, but


Did his passing lead to a reactionary move to pick up Scott Kazmir? 

With Kazmir not panning out, did this lead to the Haren trade that saw the team give up Corbin and Skaggs?

Did a lack of production from Haren lead to the Greinke trade that saw us give up Segura, Pena, and Hellweg?

Did not being able to re-sign Greinke lead to signing Hamilton?  Blanton? 


The mind wanders when the games don't really matter. 

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Mortaging your farm for money hungry players like Texiera and Grienk and the stupid Napoli trade for Wells... 

The Teixeira trade cost us Kasey Kotchman, a career under performer and Steven Marek that never got out of the minors. 

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Really, stfu because you made a stupid ass statement and try to run from it? Dude if you are going full idiot on the board by all means double down.


How about this, for the Texeira trade we got Trout in the draft. STFU.


What about Grienke,  thats what I thought stfu

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I've had conversations with my dad over this the last couple of years and I do think it was.  Seems like up to that point the organization was in a good place.  Adenhart helped solidify a good pitching staff.  Thinking that he and Weaver would have been a nice 1-2 punch.  Maybe we go farther in the playoffs the season he was killed.  I'm also thinking the Morales injury was a big moment that started this tailspin that this organization is in now.   


There are definetely single events that can set off a series of moves that lead to an organization's downfall.  Thinking the Lakers having that Chris Paul trade vetoed was the first domino for their downfall. 

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If this was a joke, it was tasteless and should be obliterated. 


If not, it is absurd, and should be obliterated. 

the second part. 


the absurdity of getting swept by the Astros in a four game home series has turned my brain into mush. 


sorry folks.  just trying to distract. 

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In recent years this team has gone for the big splash and wound up with nothing but a bloated payroll and a bad team. Gary Matthews, Jr. Mark Teixeira. Dan Haren. Scott Kazmir. Vernon Wells. Albert Pujols. Josh Hamilton. C. J. Wilson. Brian Fuentes. A lot of acquisitions who either performed far below expectations or, in Teixeira's case, had his eye on the door as soon as he arrived.

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