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Is Mike Trout selfish

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1 hour ago, Duren, Duren said:

At the least he should not be paid for the games missed. A symbolic gesture, but pro sports aren't like regular jobs. Not sure what the legalities are but he should voluntarily not accept his salary for games missed. 

I understand his mindset, but as the highest paid player in the sport there is a responsibility to the sport and his teammates. Potentially his absence could cost the team a playoff spot. His presence in the games he already missed may have turned losses into wins. And that impacts the entire organization. 

When you sign the contract he signed it also implies some personal sacrifice. 

In the contract there is maternity leave.

In addition by law there is family emergency leave.  

Every person who thinks Trout is selfish looks like an ass.

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Posted (edited)
42 minutes ago, Stradling said:

How would you know, dummy.  

Red Foxx lives!



Edited by True Grich

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3 hours ago, tdawg87 said:

Trout got laid.


26 minutes ago, tdawg87 said:

Trout got some clam, so he definitely likes shellfish.

Uhmm, everything OK?  Are you eating, getting enough sleep?  You seem ultra-focused for some reason....with all due respect.

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7 minutes ago, Taylor said:

Thanks for the love, Tank. If we ever have sons, we'll name our fourth after you.

Screenshot_20200801-220803_Samsung Internet.jpg

I feel like I should give a reaction to this post, but I'm not going to.

and thanks for the naming thing. you and mrs. taylor are good people, and your son will be wildly successful.

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