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New GM and manager for 2021

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I appear to be in the minority.  You will regret the firing of Eppler--especially if Dombrowski is hired, as has been rumored.  Dombrowski destroys farm systems. 

Eppler has made some mistakes.  All GMs do.  Bill Stoneman made mistakes, but he also signed/drafted the team that won the World series. 

I thought the Ausmus hiring was uninspired.  I said so at the time (as did many others).  Cozart was a huge mistake (obviously).  Eppler rebulit the farm system.  That's huge.  Eppler was responsible for the Ohtani signing.  Trout said one of the primary reasons he signed his extension was because he bought into Eppler's long-term vision.  The trade/signings of Simmons, Goodwin, Castro, Rendon, Bundy, Buttrey, Canning, Robles, and Rengifo were all positive. 

If he does get let go, the next GM will inherit one of the best and youngest outfields in baseball next year with Trout and Adell.  The new GM will probably inherit one of the better and youngest infields as well with Thaiss at first, Rengifo at second, Fletcher at short, Rendon at third and an unknown at this point at catcher. 

We will have gone from one of of the oldest teams to one of the youngest teams under Eppler.  With that all set, Eppler will be able to focus on starting pitching.  We have 2 young pitchers in Ohtani and Canning.  I like the Bundy signing.  Most baseball people agree Bundy needed a change of scenery.  You guys are so negative.  

We are not even two weeks into the season.  We have played 8 games.  In that time, Rendon missed 4 of the 8 and Trout's missed 2.  I know it's a shortened season, but geez, you can't make decisions based on 8 games.  I am optimistic that the Mariners  will  be a non-contender and I believe Houston over the 60 day season will feel the loss of both Verlander and Cole.  It's hard to replace those 35 wins and lose what was probably the best one and two in all of baseball.  Not only that, the needle is going in the wrong direction for the Astros.  Verlander will be a year older next year as will Grienke, they have no draft choices next year, they lost the GM that built their team and they will have to trade some of their key players over the next year due to payroll constraints.  Oakland being a small market team can never afford to keep their stars. So you know that they will likely lose their shortstop and another of their top players over the off season.

God help us if Moreno signs Dave Dombrowski as GM and partners with Tony Larussa.  The Diamondbacks had enough of Larussa after a few years.    

Go Angels.

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