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The Bullpen

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25 minutes ago, Stradling said:

What change can they make?  I’m not asking to be a dick, I mean how do you make a change?  

I wanted to wait until a week or two before the deadline before I really decided what relievers I wanted, but I’m starting to feel as though we don’t have the luxury of waiting until then.  Personally, if the DBacks are still willing to deal him, I’d get Archie Bradley in an Angels jersey

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The Bullpen is defiently a concern now.

Buttery inability to strike people out, he had 2,70 K rate, that is concerning. 

Robles in the low to mid 90s, it could be that he isn't in proper condition or not having Spring training, but it's a concern.

Personally, i would move andriese to the bullpen, and replace him with Sandoval. 

Andriese can be that long releiver, and put Pena in as a late inning guy,.

I know he has had his issue with this tiwtter and command, it would not hurt to try Middelton back into a late inning role.

Noe fits in well as being a 2inning guy. Bedrock and Burnes in the middle innings.

the two lefties are fine.

Drop Mayers, and replace him with Jose Rodrigues as another long inning guy. 

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On 7/31/2020 at 11:54 AM, Tank said:

Wasn’t it about a week ago that many here were just downright giddy about our strong pen?

Bullpen volatility is a thing...


(bullpen volatility happens)

"OMG THIS BULLPEN IS THE WORST!!!!!" and every other fanbase.. always....  

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27 minutes ago, Angel Oracle said:

It just seems that the Halos pen has been volatile back to even 2009.

It’s true that the 2000s probably spoiled us, with Percy, K-Rod, Donkey, Shields, Oliver, etc.

The time since 2009 seems like total implosion, compared to the 2000s.

Scot Shields spoiled us.  That dude made everyone else's job easier.  

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