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On 7/26/2020 at 6:30 AM, Lou said:

Holy crap, you're right!

Yeah, I'll take Trout. 

Yeah, I decided to look at it because I thought there might be some validity to the Fletcher argument given his extreme propensity to make contact (even though my initial thought is obviously Trout is the guy you want coming up in any situation). Looking up the stats made me even more in awe. It's unbelievable.

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The Disney ownership won a World Series. Also, how is a hand-to-hand conversation going to help?

Yes I too will take the guy who has never had an at bat in an Angels uniform over our 3-time MVP with a career 1.080 OPS with RISP.

While absolutely true, this game was absolutely winnable without him. 

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On ‎7‎/‎25‎/‎2020 at 10:34 PM, Pancake Bear said:

So Chuck thinks Fletcher sucks. Then there is this ^^^^.


Fletch is a guy with elite defense, solid contact, basically no power, very solid average, and one of the upper half of batters in a daily lineup. He’s a good fit for the lead-off spot. 

I’d rather have the best hitter in that situation. That would be Trout, Rendon, probably Ohtani. Dunno about Upton - he’s got solid power, but not necessarily the best guy just to bring in to get a hit. 

He garners enough XBH's (63 in 1.5 seasons, 42/season).    He's a great story like Eckstein, and if Simba isn't re-signed, has a better arm than Eckstein had to play SS.  

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