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How does no minor league season effect development

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3 hours ago, ettin said:

Hi @Jeff Fletcher I was speaking to the idea that MLB players should probably not be playing either, not the other way around. Any pro sports play seems terribly risky, particularly if there are no hard isolation controls in place.

Also I am really against what feels like very arbitrary reductions in Minor League affiliates. This was already being considered prior to the COVID -19 outbreak. It has an air of ruthlessness to it.

I honestly think that players are at less risk during the season, inside a routine, than they would be without a season.  In the season, the only risk is the travel and that travel becomes risky if they don’t follow protocols.  As for being at risk during a game, MLB players simply aren’t at risk mid game.  If they use the clubhouse as basically a closet as has been suggested then they should be fine.  I also read that the Angels will be using suites as their own personal space.  There is really no reason they can’t use that as their locker during a home stand.  I truly don’t believe players should feel the need to shower at the field.  They can shower at home or at their hotel, not that I actually see any risk in showering.  There is zero reason they can’t have the clubhouse attendant disinfecting areas before players arrive, during the game, and after players leave.  There are only so many touch points.  Basketball to me is the game most at risk.  

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