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What changed in Arte Moreno?

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The first 4 to 5 years, he was content to let his FO and coaching staff run the team.

Now over the past 5+ years, he decides to go on a big name big money bender while ignoring the future totally.

What is with the big name obsession now?

Whatever happened to winning with a balance of methods (farm system, Far East, acquisitions that are smart)?

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Arte is spending money because he wants to win and because we asked him to. The problem is that Arte has been duped by his own baseball people. Let's put the blame where it belongs. Trout, Trumbo, Weaver, Aybar, Kendrick, Conger all belong to Reagins. Napoli was sent packing at the behest of Scioscia thus Vernon Wells became an Angel. Pujols, Hamilton, Madson, Burnett, Blanton, Iannetta, Hanson Vargas and Ernasty all belong to Dipoto. The departure of Hunter, Morales and Santana fall on Dipoto. I think that the bulk of the turds on this team belong to the not so stealthy JeDi Dipoto.

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The way I'm looking at Arte is, he is a typical AW.com Poster.  


And this is taking nothing away from Arte or AW.com posters.  They are both passionate, and want the best for the team.  But IMO, the results are what happens when a fan of the game takes over a team.  In his first 5 years, he was learning.  Now he may think that knowledge makes him a expert.  


But the reality is.  There are may be a handful of GM's that run their team from top to bottom well.  But more of the GM's fail than succeed.

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