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Passan: New Proposal from MLB

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20 minutes ago, Vlad27Trout27 said:

Grawd this awful. 

Mlb is starting to be an embarrassment. 

This is could be a missed opportunity for them. 


Like come on 50 games?  

Starting to be a mess? I think it was a mess awhile ago. I'm afraid neither side has the optics to figure out how to make the fans happy. 

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8 hours ago, Blarg said:

At this point you guys should realize this is just an entertainment business. They are making profit and loss decisions not anything more. 

do people not know this? still, in this day and age? i doubt it.

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10:09pm: The two sides remain far apart in talks, Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports in a piece that’s worth reading in full. In regards to the counter-proposal the union made over the weekend, deputy commissioner Dan Halem told Sherman via text:The one piece of good news out of [Sunday’s] meeting is that Tony Clark acknowledged that the March Agreement contemplated another negotiation over player salaries if the 2020 season could not be played in front of fans. We were concerned based on media reports if players knew that. Tony told us the players were aware that the March Agreement did not resolve the issue of player salaries in a season without fans. And he said the players‘ decision to accept nothing less than 100 percent of their prorated salaries was due to the risks of playing the season, not because they were promised it in the March 26 agreement.” Clark fired back in an email to Sherman, though, calling Halem’s quote “purposefully misleading and inaccurate.” Clark added that MLB is trying to “negotiate through the media instead of focusing on how to bring baseball back to its fans.”

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Not sure who feels the same way, but it is going to be extremely hard to care at all about what happens this season.

It will be a contrived “asterisk” season no matter what.

Am I REALLY going to consider the World Series champ this year to be legit and not just an inferior result of an inferior season?


Do I want the Angels to be the team that gets the ring that will always forever be considered illegitimate?  No, not really.

So how can I really tune in and care what happens this season?  I’m not sure I can.

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I will happily take a 50 game season this year over waiting for April 2021.

I probably view the glass half full.

1. The team kicks butt over 50 games, gets into the playoffs and has an exciting season. 

2. Team does poorly, but we only have to endure it for 50 games.

Winning a WS this season counts as much as any other year (that didn't have trash cans being banged).  All of the teams will play under the same rules.  They either perform or they don't. 

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50 games is neither here nor there. 

Not long enough to give credibility to the current divisional set up. Schedules will be a joke. Four or five games against each opponent? Pitching rotations hardly worth fine tuning. Might as well just have designated starters each game.  Hot and cold streaks could last the entire season and you still don't have a feel for how a player would perform over a normal number of games. 

It would be better to at least play 80, or do something really radical.

Change the format into a quasi round robin/playoff format. 

I haven't thought this through in detail, but you can do something like the NHL is planning, but with some additional features. And some randomness to make it exciting and unpredictable.

A first round elimination set up, one for each league. Possibly with some byes. Seeding could go by last season's standings, by a random draw or some other way. If there were 32 teams you'd have a perfect way to split the rounds.

With 30 you could give the top two teams a bye (W.S. Teams of 2019?), have 14 best of seven series, add the two byes for a second round of 16 teams once the winners of the first round are established. Reseeding could be factored in round by round or not.

The third round would feature the 8 winners in four series. 

Then two best of sevens for the 4 winners, in the fourth round. 

The fifth round would be the championship series. The top remaining AL and NL survivors. 

Sure it looks arcane, and logistics would be complicated. But each team has a chance to advance, and each game means something. All kinds of upset possibilities exist, but the better teams couldn't take anything for granted. 

Theoretically the finalists could play up to 35 games, so the range of games for all teams is between 4 and 35. 

Sure, this is a joke compared to tradition, but is a 50 game 'season' with unequal semi-random schedules any better? Just consider the tournament option a crazy, extended one off exhibition experiment. The winner wouldn't have authentic World Series status, but playing in empty stadiums with less than a third of a real season already delegitimizes any kind of aborted season. 

Players would gripe about coming back possibly for only a handful of games, but they would have less risk of covid exposure over a shorter period. Salaries would be split from TV/media income. Possibly with a sliding scale based on the success of each team. Sort of like the playoffs. And this would be separate from their actual contracts. Something like the 'barnstorming' exhibitions played in the off-season of the distant past. 

Anyways, just a little idle musing during the perpetual shutdown. 


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