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ten ocho recon scout

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12 minutes ago, Lou said:

So you were the Puerto Rican chick?

Oh man, you might have outdone yourself on this one. I was expecting some type of response from someone, but this response crushed.

You gotta give props where props are due. Great response. I laughed hard at it.



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5 hours ago, Adam said:

Tell us some gnar stories dude?


you ever deal with Mexicans on angel dust? Midget methhead hookers? 

PCP hasnt really been around for years... was big when I wss a kid, but kind of went the way of crack. Still out there, just not as popular.

Meth took over everything in the late 90s. Its EVERYWHERE. College kids and Paisas have coke. Heroin is all over now. Went away for years from AIDS, but came back with a vengeance.


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wow. thanks for the stories TORS. i always find them interesting.

my mom was an ER nurse for 35+ years. said the worst victims were always car/motorcycle crashes. said one dude on a bike came in one time and somehow in teh accident, it had ripped of the skin on the head of his penis. she said that one was tough to fix, but even tougher to see.

she said the worst physical thing was when some guy came in from a car wreck and his bowel had been cut open. she said the sight and th smell were pretty overwhelming. 

i remember several times when she got home and there was blood on her white nursing shoes, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. i can't imagine it's easy  to get used to stuff like that.

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I remember as a kid in high school there was a website that was beyond extreme and showed actual pics of deaths or accidents. One I'll never forget some 25 years later is there was this white dude that got in a motorcycle accident and was in a state where they didn't require a helmet. His face was completely split open vertically because his handle bars went straight into his dome. Dude was sitting there with his eyes open as he was alive, but the splitting was so bad his eyes were almost spaced to be on the sides of his head. You can't unsee shit like that.

Same with some kid I know that normally posts dumb high school shit like anime pics or silly memes, but just decided to drop some dude sitting on a couch that kind of revs himself up and puts a shotgun to his head and pulls the trigger. I was floored that he posted it and also that it was just in my feed and autoplayed...it wasn't like I clicked to watch it. After the dude pulls the trigger there is a second or two where you see the body convulse.....I heard this when you kill a snake, like the nerves are still active. Just fucking wild.

When I started pre-med during orientation they take you down to the cadaver room to show you dead bodies, almost like a test to see if you can handle it. I just remember how cold it was in there and you will never forget the smell of embalming fluid and dead bodies.

I get how TORS says it becomes routine. I had this convo with an ex that worked at Orangewood as a therapist and would do the intake for suicidal kids or abused kids. She had some wild stories that are damn near traumatizing, but she got used to it the same way he does. Although, I'll never forget the time she came home and talked about some guy that would put his cigarettes out on his kid. It fucked me up.

But lets get back to TORS dropping stories of rolling up on gangbangers or popping the trunk to see a dead body. This shit is interesting.

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18 hours ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

1. Not near as often as youd think. I unsnap my holster a lot, to get it ready, but actually pointing it, pretty rare.

Maybe second week on the job, dumb new cop move. I tried to handle a call alone (cancelled my backup because we were busy). Simple party call, lady came out and seemed nice. She had to go inside to grab her ID (needed it to write a warning)

I come around the corner and see about 70 people in this backyard, at least 30 of them gangsters.

One of them i had kind of hooked up like a month earlier, so i thought hed be cool. I said whats up, but he fronted me for the homies.

So the others start talking shit. 

Im fresh out of the academy. Zero body fat, clean shaved head. Still naturally producing testosterone, whole 9 yards. 

So i start talking shit back.

One of them rushes me, i quickdraw, stick my gun in his face!


And he stands there, still talking shit. Neither him or the crowd is impressed. 

So hard lesson learned that day. Only point your gun when you absolutely have to. Because regular bad guys have seen it a thousand times... they know we arent going to shoot unless they do something stupid.... and talking shit isnt one of them.

...... and talking shit to a cop whos pointing a gun at you puts you back in control....


This sounds like that scene in season 3 of Southland... great show btw, it's like 90% LOLs and then out of the blue shit gets real. 

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On 10/7/2019 at 9:57 PM, Lou said:

I would like to reiterate to the entire board that recon is still my favorite poster on this site. He is a great, great man and quite the humanitarian. He's also extremely handsome.


(this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he can legally carry a firearm)


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