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"Turning Points" part 1

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On 3/14/2020 at 2:26 PM, Troll Daddy said:

I believe another big turning point was in 2004 with a chance to win the WS. The Angels won the West division that season with a record of 92-70.

On December 20, 2003, Guillén was signed by the Anaheim Angels. In 2004, he hit .294 with 27 home runs and 104 RBIs for the Angels, but he was suspended the last two weeks of the regular season and during the postseason for "inappropriate conduct" in publicly expressing his displeasure with Angels manager Mike Scioscia following Scioscia's removal of Guillén in favor of a pinch runner during a crucial game against the Oakland Athletics.[2]

Jose Guillen was a key piece to the offense posting a .294/.352/.849. slash line in 621 AB’s. He also hit 27 HRs with 104  RBIs. 

Angels ended up getting swept by the Red Sox 3-0 in the Divisional playoffs 😞 I completely understand why Guillen was dismissed from the team but I believe there could of been a alternative disciplinary action without hurting the team. 

Unless you know all the details you shouldn't judge.

I do know this: Despite his offensive contribution the Angel's were floundering.  If not mistaken they were second place to the A's.  After his dismissal Vladdy put the team on his back and the Angel's win the division.  

We did miss his bat in the playoff

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I do believe the Angel's had a perfect storm if bad luck.

Rivera broken leg, Adenhardt death, Morales broken leg, Kazmir forgetting how to pitch only to be an All Star for the A's later on.  In addition the pitching imploding after the Grienke trade.  The Tommy John Parade 2016 to present.

This doesn't mention self inflicted wounds of Hamilton, Blanton and Hanson.

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Reference Guillen in 2004. Sure, his bat would have been nice.... but would it have been that big of a difference? 

Boston was winning that year, period. People forget, aside from Guillen, GA was a shell (arthritus), Glaus was rushed back from injury, and Salmon threw out the first pitch of game 1. Because he was on crutches.

Once Colon got squeezed in game 2, it was a wrap. It was Bostons year (and the umps helped a bit with the strike zone).

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