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my grandma passed today at the ripe age of 100 but no one could be by her side because she was in the hospital.  she was such a sweet sweet lady.  truly not a bad bone in her body.  

I don’t see them postponing games. Worst comes the worst they just play games without people in attendance.   Should be normal for the Marlins but for everyone else it will be pretty weird.

It looks like the A‘s can still play home games.

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Montana has 7 cases of COVID-19 and they just shut down all restaurants, bars and casinos. Starting tomorrow no restaurants that are not drive through will be serving, and no people are allowed in lobbies. Grocery stores and gas stations are open along with medical centers but the Malls are all closing down since there is a 50 person limit for gatherings. They may extend these restrictions but for now it is for one one week, coincidentally the week I am here.

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A little satire to distract from reality.

TV without baseball or any sports is no fun. The last meaningful game was the world series finale. 

For that game I rolled my brand new, state of the art portable 13 inch black and white TV onto the patio. Adjusted the rabbit ears and the vertical hold. 

There it was! Party time! Mantle hits a grand slam.

The 105 win Dodgers couldn't win. 

The hot dogs and beer were great.



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