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Eh, I'm not so sure about this (Google Glass).

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wearable tech is going to be huge.

but it might be annoying hearing "ok google glass, take a pic" all the damn time.


heres what i want: when i backpack to foreign countries, translate for me on the fly in the heads-up display. helps deaf mofos too that suck at lip reading. ive actually considered doing a startup for just this. 

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The more I think about Google Glasses, I think this will have a serious impact on Apple.  


This could be a game changer in recording and security around the world.  


No longer will you have to take your phone out and record that event.  You could have your glasses recording everything you are seeing, before it happens.  And I say before it happens, because when something interesting happens, you don't have to pull the phone out and hit record and miss half the event.  Depending on setup (and this is all speculation), it could already be recording.  


Remember that cute thing that your kid did?  You could be recording it all with your glasses.  Sure 99% of it will be deleted, but that 1% that currently isn't recorded.  How much is that worth to you as a parent?


Security wise, imagine if all police wear these glasses.  Now that police brutality or lack of, because the person that pulled out the phone to record the brutality, but missed the initial reason why the police are throwing the smack down on the perp, now have a full recording of the incident.  In the private sector, all bank tellers, all liquor stores, all jewelery stores, all security guards having these on, recording what they see to enhance the already existing security cameras.  


Socially, remember all those funny tips service people post?  Well, now the tables are turned, because the interwebs will be flooded with these same service people giving crappy service.  How about that time when the bouncer kicked you to the curb, because his buddy caused trouble with you?  Now you have a recording of it.  This really will become big brother.  And the funny thing about it, will be it will be the social media types that will flood it.  


That car accident that you got involved in.  Might be no such thing as no witnesses, because a bunch of different drivers just recorded you getting in it.  


Just as Angels fans.  How cool would it be to record that game you just went to?  How cool would it be to have recorded Weavers no hitter from your perspective?  


The potential application of these glasses is just fascinating, and may just change the way things are done.  


Oh, and when you record that moment and want to share it with everyone.  Download it to Youtube.  Which Google just happens to also own.  

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