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Cardinals' rotation

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Perhaps the best run organization in baseball. Great farm system, outstanding scouting, no albatross contracts, solid managing and coaching. Astute about the players who they sign and let walk. If any owner wants to win over the long term, he ought to look at what St. Louis does and emulate it. They aren't great every year, but they are consistently good and rarely out of contention. They have won 11 World Series, more than any other team besides the Yankees.


What is surprising is that Boston is third with seven titles, but five of those were prior to 1920.

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Their entire rotation is homegrown.


They let Pujols go and sign Beltran to a reasonable 2yr deal...where he's been better than Pujols. Beltran is a FA after the season, but that's ok, since they have the top hitting prospect in baseball in Oscar Taveras


Wish the Halos were ran as well as them

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Granted, the Cards are killing it with in house talent right now, but they haven't been all that up until the last couple of years.


Drafted players in the majors with some level of contribution.  both sides have others.  no including unsigned drafted players. 


2000 - yadier molina

2001 - dan haren

2002 -

2003 - daric barton, brendan ryan, jason motte

2004 -

2005 - colby rasmus, mitchell boggs, jaime garcia

2006 - john jay, allen, craig

2007 - peter kozma, dan descalso,

2008 - lance lynn

2009 - shelby miller, matt carpenter




2000 - napoli, jenks

2001 - kotchman

2002 - saunders, kendrick

2003 - sean rodriguez

2004 - jered weaver, mark trumbo

2005 - peter bourjos

2006 - Walden

2007 -

2008 - chatwood, kohn

2009 - Trout, Skaggs, Richards, Corbin


The 2010-2012 drafts are yet to be realized. 

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