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Pederson/Stripling deal is DEAD. MOVE ON.

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He's probably Catholic, so I would imagine that he is.

So getting Joc seemed to me a lot like getting a younger Kole Calhoun (stats wise) lets look at the 2019 numbers:   Kole: .232/.325/.467/.792 OPS - 33 HR - 74 RBI - 2.3 WAR - 162 K - 152 G -

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10 minutes ago, Inside Pitch said:

Both sides could have reasons to get a narrative going.  I'm just gonna wait out the inevitable unnamed sources and the eventual Jeff Fletcher story.

Could very well have been a combination of the Dodgers wanting to tweak things after the reworked big deal and Arte’s frustration....we’ll see....

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1 minute ago, Inside Pitch said:

Well, some would say that doing that would be poor form...  So a story about the other team being upset and pulling out saves face for them.

Maybe but that seems worse to me. "Dodgers pull out of deal and tell media it was Arte who threw a tantrum" is gona create a lot more negative pushback than simply saying the deal didn't work for them anymore.

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Fuck the Dodgers it said they had a deal once they took care of the first one and know want to back out out of it. That is bad business on the Dodgers part as the Angels waited so long for them to get it done and they could complete there deal. I Don’t want to be mean but I hope the Dodgers Have a bad year with injuries and come in last place.  I hope the Dodgers never see the World Series again.

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Maybe Arte doesn’t like getting jerked around.  Maybe the Dodgers tried to renegotiate the terms of the trade and if so fuck them.  

to me it seems really clear that at some stage bad faith negotiation was going on.  None of us know anything.  But I’m not going to assume this is the Angels fault.  And I think based on everything that’s happened this week with this shit, it’s ridiculous to do so. 

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