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Pederson/Stripling deal is DEAD. MOVE ON.

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4 minutes ago, jsnpritchett said:

That's what he made last year.  He filed for arbitration, so he'll get a big boost.  I'll be curious to see if the Angels settle with him before his hearing.

Yeah, Fletch says could be $7.75 or $9.5 million.

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The Twins almost Maeda trade

He's probably Catholic, so I would imagine that he is.

I've pulled out of twins before; that was much more fun than this. 

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3 minutes ago, TobiasFunke said:

Got to meet (and play video games) with Joc a couple of days ago. Basically was just talking about the Angels and Trout with him. I should get a 1% finders fee for this. 

Were you playing Xbox with him?

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3 minutes ago, TroutCron said:

There could be something else in the works. If the Angels keep Joc he can be flipped at he deadline if Adell isn’t ready. For now, the Angels can use the left handed power bat. Rengifo was a fair price to pay. 

If the Angels trade Pederson at the deadline, they'd likely only be able to get back a marginal prospect, given that he's a free agent.

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15 minutes ago, tdawg87 said:

Is this a @Taylor thing? Where you do things "for the wife" but secretly it's you who enjoys it?

i fucking love the theater. i go to musicals, opera, the ballet. the whole nine yards. i love all that shit.

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Good teams have good hitters who don’t play everyday. At full health, one of Upton/Pederson/Fletcher/La Stella/Goodwin will always be on the bench- that goes up to 2 when Adell is ready. That’s really promising. 

my first instinct was to think they’ll probably trade Marsh for pitching now or flip Pederson. Maybe Clevinger? 

also, this makes it likelier we bring back Simmons it seems. Unless they think Fletcher can be full time SS which wouldn’t be bad but I wouldn’t say that’s ideal either. 

I’ll miss Rengifo’s tiki sounding walk out song

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1 minute ago, Lou said:

Does this mean our FO has to argue against Pederson in his arbitration hearing?

Talk about awkward. 

Part of why I think they’ll trade Goodwin.  They don’t want to go to arbitration with him. 

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First, we have a crazy good lineup. For the sake of argument, I'm going to assume that Pujols functions as the backup DH to Ohtani and backup 1B to either Pederson or, more likely, La Stella. This of course assumes everyone else (Trout, Rendon, Upton, Simmons, Fletcher, Pederson, and La Stella) are all healthy and all hitting. I see no scenario in which Albert plays if all of that is true.

My supposition is Pederson is primary RF unless and until Adell arrives this season and gives us the luxury to wait on him till 2021. We don't need to rush him. My understanding is Joc can play 1B (albeit, poorly) if needed. He can also potentially DH. Point is, they have options.

Second, we have a very balanced lineup all of a sudden: Pederson, La Stella, Ohtani, Castro all bat left. We could see something along the lines of this next year:


That. Is. Nuts. (Numbers my own quick projection based on past performance, a bit of conservative guesswork, and comparison to Fangraphs' several projections for 2020 for each player).

Every player in the lineup is average to above average offensively. There's a pretty solid bit of positional flexibility (I had to leave some off for space, like Fletcher). If healthy, there isn't a better lineup, other than maybe the Dodgers, in baseball. There's some that are comparable, but none better.

Now, of course, this all assumes there's no trade for someone on the major league roster. But still, on paper this team looks like it'll be insanely fun to watch mash.

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