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Favorite international vacation spots

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the 9/11 memorial.


Ciudad Juarez  

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3 hours ago, True Grich said:

Personally, I prefer intergalactic travel. Been a guest on a couple of space craft from other worlds. I'm fortunate that way because I don't think I could afford the travel otherwise.


all kidding aside, i do have one serious question . . . how bad was the, um, "probe?"

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1 minute ago, Taylor said:

I see you've been hanging out with Vladdylonglegs.

Hardly. I don't even read his posts (he's on ignore)... let alone hang out with him.

Edited by True Grich
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57 minutes ago, wopphil said:

You guys are ballers. I thought I was big time taking my family to the Aulani this year, but you assholes go places that require passports (I don’t have one of those).

Aulani is nice but with anything Disney super expensive.

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