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Merry Christmas Everyone! On the hunt for Mike Trout Autograph and Pulled a Babe Ruth Auto instead!!

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Hey everyone!

Huge Angels fan here. Was at my local card shop picking up a box of 2019 Panini National Treasures trying to pull a Mike Trout auto, and I pulled a Babe Ruth auto instead! Though I would share it with you guys since I pulled it here locally. I have links on twitter/instagram @agcards85 

There is also a website for it Babe Ruth Auto Card website

Here it is:



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16 hours ago, agcards85 said:

Yeah, I bought the box here in orange county. The box was 500. Very pricey but you can get some insane stuff. Check out my latest instagram post  @agcards85 to see the other cards in the box. It was STACKED. Value wise, I've heard everything you can imagine.

Super cool! Congrats.

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On 1/2/2020 at 3:17 PM, Adam said:

I'll give you $9 and a replica third base coach helmet/large stadium sundae bowl for it

Hold your horses. I'll give you an AJ Hinch autograph for the helmet, but there has to be ice cream in it. Nachos are also acceptable. Signed AJ Hinch items for ice cream. It's the steal of the century.

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