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Ryu to Toronto 4/$80m

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Eppler right now:

Hey, that's an upgrade over Trevor Cahill last year. Eppler said he'd improve the rotation!

Lakers also losing by 20

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41 minutes ago, Lou said:

and we're spending more than we did last year. 

and stop swearing at me. I'm sensitive.

Correct. The payroll is 1 million higher right now if I am reading this right



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2 hours ago, Lou said:

lol at people getting upset over trading Wilson. 

Lou, the fact that we shouldn't be upset about trading Wilson is the problem. 

He was our first round pick this past year and his overall value should be significantly more than the approximate $9M we traded him for ($12M minus what they already had given him as a signing bonus). 

My frustrations on Wilson come more from the fact they drafted him to begin with then the fact they traded him. 

I will have to reserve judgment on the money aspect until the offseason is complete. As it stands, they aren't much higher then their "real" payroll has been set at the last few years.  So on the surface it makes it look like the Cozart/Wilson trade was made specifically to stay within reason of the same budget they have had the last few seasons (same one they've said they were willing to overshoot this offseason).

At this point the only way to improve the rotation is through trade which inevitably hurts the farm. They also need to improve at catcher. So if they already traded away this year's first rounder, then have to trade away for an arm, and again for a catcher, what does that do to our farm?

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I think it is important to keep in mind that Eppler likely knows his job is on the line this year. If he had unlimited resources from Arte, then he likely would be happy to overpay to bring in Ryu or Keuchel to help save his job. That didn't happen for one reason or another. It is reasonable to assume that either Arte refused to shell out the extra money to bring one of those guys in or Eppler cares more about the long term health of the team despite his job being at risk which is admirable.  

Would an oft injured Ryu  push this team over the top in 2020? Maybe...probably not. Would Keuchel? Even less likely. 

I know we all want to win now and we are tired of losing and having a shitty rotation but the fact is that the actual TOTR arms, that would have had a significant impact on the rotation, did not  sign here at no fault to Arte or Eppler. The secondary arms we have missed out on, while would have helped, are not going to make or break the team and the arms we have added in their place are pretty comparable. The way I look at it, Teheran will be our Keuchel and Bundy will be our Kyle Gibson. They each have very similar projections and came cheaper leaving much more flexibility. 

 I don't think it is ridiculous that so many fans are calling for Eppler's job but I do think it is irrational and I think it would be a mistake. 

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