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Gerrit Cole - Harbinger of Yankee failure and Angels success

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6 hours ago, Troll Daddy said:

You can spin this many ways but the Angels really did need to sign Cole. At some point you need to stop bidding and walk away from the table ... which is what Moreno did. I don’t blame him from walking away. Rendon was a good signing but Gerrit Cole was the real target. 

Arte could have offered Cole $350M and Cole would have still gone with the Yankees, based on every thing he has said since he accepted their offer...

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10 hours ago, Pancake Bear said:

If you missed Gerrit Cole’s love fest press conference today, consider yourself blessed. But I noticed some things that spell clear success for us and danger for the Yankees.

Cole brought out his oft pictured handmade sign from 2001: “Yankee fan today, tomorrow, forever”.

In 2001, the Yankees were the evil empire. Spending tons of money, but their success was all in the past. They won in 2000, then in the next twenty years, only once. 

The year Gerrit Cole held up his sign, the Yankees lost in the World Series. The next year, 2002, they got sent home like the sad sacks they are by the Angels. 

The Angels in 2002: Meh rotation, underrated team, with an undersized middle infielder and the best third baseman in baseball, and a relatively new, old school manager who brought the fun back to Anaheim. 

2001 - Gerrit Cole lifts the sign; the Yankees go from a period of unprecedented success to a single championship in twenty years. 

2002 - The Angels win it all

2019 - The sign is back; the Yankees are again spending loads of money

2020 - Same four numbers in the year. Astonishing similarities otherwise as well

Conclusion? The Yankees are in trouble and the Angels will win the World Series in 2020. 

History and the numbers prove it. 

Those who ignore the past...



This gets an A for optimism and creativity. 

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