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Sign Keuchel or Ryu then trade for Kris Bryant

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 I still have concerns about pitching overall, but I think having added Keuchel or Ryu along with Bundy and Ohtani coming back dramatically improves pitching and gets us into the playoffs.  We can look at adding more pitching at the deadline instead of playing chicken with other teams. 

What it really allows the team to do keep our trade chips until the Bryant grievance  is resolved and we see if he has one or 2 years left- either way we go get him.  The Cubs will want MLB ready players as they are still in contention and the Angels seem to be a good match.  It would require them or someone to take on Upton as KB would be in LF.  He is one of the few players I’d trade Brandon Marsh for and we could include players such as Rengifo and possibly one of Sandoval, Barria or Suarez. Obviously it won’t be as much returning if Bryant only ends up with a year left.  I think Bryant would have a good chance to re-sign, but even if he doesn’t, this is the type of move you make if you are going for championships.  

Look at this lineup 

1. Fletcher 2B

2.  Rendon 3B

3. Trout CF

4. Bryant LF

5. Ohtani DH

6. Adell RF

7. Pujols 1B

8. Simmons SS

9. Stassi C

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