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Texas Rangers: Sour grapes losing out on Rendon

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I'm on a text thread with a bunch of Ranger fans and they have some serious sour grapes.  They don't think Rendon is a superstar and feel Donaldson is better.  Does anyone have any quick stats I can reference?  They also say he is maybe 6th best 3rd baseman in MLB.  I suck at looking up and reading the advanced stats, so any help would be appreciated.

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4 minutes ago, CanadianHalo said:

Rendon is so under appreciated. I mean just look at his last 4 seasons. He’s always been overshadowed by guys who attract the media like Harper and then last year Soto. Rendon is that quiet dude who just goes about his business the right way. 


I think that quiet dudeness is one of the things that attracted Arte to Rendon.   Another thread on here talks about how Arte likes having quality people playing here.

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1 hour ago, True Grich said:

I'm sorry you're on a text thread with Ranger fans.  You must have dome something extremely heinous to be put in such a position. This is what happens when you run with tdawg.  I hope you've learned your lesson.

I think the heinous thing he did was to actually LIVE in Texas, which, I'll admit, is VERY heinous.

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Also, who cares if he's the best 3B or 6th best 3B in the league? You really can't go wrong with any of:








Any of those guys is capable of putting up the best season of the group and they are all capable of winning an MVP in their career (well as long as Mike Trout isn't in their league). I personally think Rendon is better than some and worse than others in the group, but frankly it's a really great group of players right now.

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3 minutes ago, Yellow Balloon said:

I check in on Lone Star Ball and I can assure you there is no one over there saying Donaldson is better than Rendon.  

Speaking of, I really miss the old Newberg board.  It was the only thing Rangers' fans had that was comparable to Angelswin.  When he joined The Athletic it pretty much shut down completely.   

It was actually before that when their long time moderator passed away but yeah ...  at least it had a group of regulars and constant conversations.

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