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Chris Davis


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Did anybody see this coming? Dude is keeping up with Miggy so far. 


I think he's passed him up (currently).


Cabrera has more rbis because he bats 3rd and has Fielder hitting clean up.


Of course, baltimore is a hitters ballpark..but he's doing well on the road.

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He's still striking out a lot (48 in 52 games) but he's just walking more an hitting the crap out of the ball. He won't keep up a 1.214 OPS all year but he may be having a Jose Bautista-esque breakthrough. He and Carlos Gomez share the "Where The Fk Did That Come From?" Award.

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And yes, I'm sure Texas fans are wishing he was still on the team. I know we Angels fans like to think we're the only ones with sob stories and shoulda, woulda, couldas, but we're not. Every team has their Jean Seguras and Patrick Corbins and Buster Poseys/Matt Harveys.


My concern is only a few teams have their Albert Pujols and Josh Hamiltons and Vernon Wells. Albatross contracts are preventable and only happen to teams with poor judgment, whereas drafting and not signing high school talents who turn into stars happens to everyone.

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But albatross contracts also contribute to worse drafts and less international presence, through spending less on them and losing draft picks.

This farm system REEKS, and has for the past several years.

Maybe this will get through to Moreno's head one day.

His obsession with being #1 in SoCal is messing up this franchise long term.

Even if it is crazy, maybe the universe is messing with every big name acquisition because it's tired of Moreno trying to buy a WS.

Name the last big name acquisition who did well here?

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I will admit that our farm is awful but this is the same farm system that has given us our starting DH, second baseman, short stop, back up catcher, both our starting center fielders and our ace. It also allowed us to trade for our starting catcher, third baseman and closer (who may not be a closer but is a solid bullpen arm). I would say that before we bash the way Arte runs the team lets have Dipoto get a couple more draft classes in their and see what happens.

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AO, I respect you, but face it, you will find something to take issue with, it's your MO. If they have a good but not quite ready minor league system and have a hole in the line up you will complain that they aren't filling that hole.

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i wonder if texas ranger fans constantly post threads about this guy getting away?


he is hot and playing great and ranger fans are happy for him, but his BABIP is almost .400 and his FB/HR is 30% so extreme regression is coming. Also Mitch Moreland is hitting at a .287/.332/.877 clip... So hitting from that spot has been good

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Look at this swing he put into his second HR of the game yesterday:



He was probably fooled on the pitch, but his swing was half-assed and he still hits it out.


He did kind of the same thing about a month ago.


Facing doolittle..looking fastball..gets a slider..swings one handed.


Hits it about 420 feet.

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