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If True we have to walk away

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Buster Olney and Jon Heyman are Boras' go-to's when he's feeding something to the media as the anonymous source.  Every party in that situation is kind of a dick-hole.  But this report.......if it's true they've already exchanged figures than it's about expected.

I mean look, Gerrit Cole, or more accurately, Scott Boras is going to hold this free agent pitching class stage until he gets what he wants.  If he asked for 250 million, the Angels would sign Cole this week.  But he's going to ask 300 million, and thus everyone is going to sit on their asses until mid-January when he starts saying 275.  

Once the third week of January hits, Gerrit Cole is going to sign for 240-260 million.  He could've gotten that in November, but his agent is a premadonna and loves grabbing the headlines.  That and he wants to see if anyone's willing to pay stupid money, which no one will.  It'll be just like Bryce Harper all over again.  The number and the destination were the same in November and he signed in February.  

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