Does anyone know how free agent bidding works?

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6 minutes ago, Second Base said:

I'm legitimately concerned that Cole won't sign until February, and it'll either screw the Angels, or they'll be forced to move on.

I think that if they move off of Cole it will be early so Eppler can proceed with plan B. Arte is done being held hostage by Boras. It won’t happen. 

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19 minutes ago, Ace-Of-Diamonds said:

If the owners all agree between themselves to boycott a certain agent it is absolutely collusion. It's the very definition of collusion.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t talk to him but they certainly can show little or no interest in what he has to say. 

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15 hours ago, Calzone 2 said:

If Boras truly is as you describe him to be then all owners should just tell all of his clients that they’re not interested. Or even better, they should lowball all of his clients. If for some reason we don’t get Cole because of Boras then I won’t blame Arte for passing. 


15 hours ago, Stradling said:

Yea, that is called collusion.


15 hours ago, Second Base said:

No I'm pretty sure owners conspiring is called collusion. I don't mean to be argumentative, and I certainly respect your opinion, but that's pretty much exactly what collusion is.

To be fair to Calzone, he said nothing about owners conspring. If they all end up doing the same thing, it isn't necessarily collusion. It is only collusion if they actually speak to each other and agree to avoid Boras.

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Depends on the Agent and the player. 


Organizations can approach. The Stars.


Or, Agents have a list of top homes for each of their clients. And the Agents reaches out to the GM and states that their client is interested in the organization. 


Boras, has it down to a science from what his client wants to background of the organization and its philosophies. New upper level hires etc. Problem you had was the team droppers that would help bump Boras clients prices. And in the end teams were over bidding themselves.

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