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Lettuce hope we can get him.

$255M and disrespected. What a dickwad. 

Long time lurker, and an Angels fan since I was a kid in the 70's. Long Beach. Grandpa took us to games in Anaheim, LA was just too much of a hassle. I'll watch both teams and be reasonable, though th

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19 minutes ago, Stradling said:

Would Marsh for Contreras be something you guys would consider?

Absolutely. The Angels don't have a damn thing resembling a legit catching prospect, and they're already hard to come by. 

It would have to depend some on the other pieces - Marsh, in my mind, assuming there's no other Cubs players involved, should be at least 33-50% of the value in a Conteras deal. 

As good as Marsh could be, he still could be expendable. 
2020: Upton, Trout, Adell, Goodwin
2021: Upton, Trout, Adell, Goodwin
2022: Upton, Trout, Adell, Goodwin - Deveaux and Knowles could be on the 40-man, as they need to Rule 5 protected between '21 and '22.
2023: Trout, Adell, ??? - hopefully Deveaux, Knowles, or Adams have climbed into top prospect status by now.

Jordyn Adams, Alexander Ramirez, Brennon Lund, Michael Hermosillo, Jahmai Jones, Taylor Ward, and Orlando Martinez all stand a shot at being able to play OF in the bigs. Brian Goodwin was claimed off waivers. 

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2 hours ago, Glen said:

Isn't there an option for Teheran? If the Braves pick it up I don't see them trading him. If not, go get him.

If they pick up the option, Marsh for Teheran.

Teheran is a solid enough starter, but Marsh has a chance to be really, really good.    What would be a fair trade for Teheran, that doesn't include Adell or Marsh?  

Edit: Just saw Tot's post. ->  "It's essentially a salary dump.  More like an Ortega/Madero/Pina/Brady and Lund/Rivas/Orlando Martinez type deal, at most." 

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1 hour ago, Stradling said:

Would Marsh for Contreras be something you guys would consider?

probably not.  but it depends on what else the team does and what they want their window to be. He's got 3 years of control left.  He's ok defensively and very good offensively with some room to be better.  If he stays the same as a 3 WAR catcher and that's how the Angels project him, then you are better of going year to year on a guy like dArnaud.  Yes, Willson would solve the spot for the time being but the cost would be so hefty that it just wouldn't make sense to me.  

You can get value on the FA market with a catcher because defense in undervalued.  Whereas offensive minded catcher with mediocre (at best) defense are probably overvalued due to positional scarcity.  Which is why I still really like Grandal.  He brings both, can play some 1b/DH, and you can get him without giving up farm currency.  Plus, he won't have a qual attached.  Yes, he's a little on the older side as far as catchers go, but he's got some value in his flexibility.  

Marsh is not expendable.  Yet.  And could be one of the top 20 prospects in baseball by mid year 2020.  Yes, there is some risk there, but I think it's worth holding on to him.  

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8 minutes ago, tomsred said:

I hope we are not moving into building a "secondary rotation."  A "primary rotation" should be the priority, we have candidates for a secondary rotation.  Somewhere in that mass of pitchers we drafted in recent years has to be secondary candidates.

Not sure what you mean by "primary" and "secondary" rotations.

Obviously Cole is still target number 1. But we aren't getting Cole and Strasburg. Hell we probably aren't getting Cole and Wheeler/Ryu. So guys like Teheran are nice options to fill the middle of the rotation. 

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