Gameday Thread: Nationals vs. Astros - World Series Game 7

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6 minutes ago, fan_since79 said:

Hinch has blown this series by his awful bullpen moves (or lack of). Where the hell is Cole?!?!?!!!

I think his moves have been pretty sound. Not the ones I would've made and they clearly haven't worked out, but they are far more defensible than a lot of managerial moves this post season.

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1 hour ago, SoPas Angel said:

Fair enough. I'd rather have one of my favorite Angels of all time - Howie Kendrick - win a ring than another team that happens to play in the same division as the Angels. 

When I was a kid I remember my dad (who spent 7 years at UCLA) telling me I should be cheering for USC in a bowl game because "they're a PAC 10 team." 25 years later, I guess I still don't agree with that logic. 

Fair enough. I enjoyed Howie. But he wasn’t one of my favorites. Like I said both teams have guys you can root for. Neither team is really hateable in my opinion. Now if the Yankees or Boston was in then it’d be a different story. 

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