Gameday Thread: Nationals vs. Astros - World Series Game 7

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I'll put it simply:


Would I have removed Greinke there in the 7th? Not at that moment. If someone else got on, that would have been the moment I'd go get him.

Would I have replaced Greinke with Will Harris--the guy who got torched in Game 6? Hell, no!

But I'm not the manager. I don't have the years of accumulated knowledge from being in the game for as long as Hinch. I just have the accumulated knowledge from being a fan of the game for as long as I can remember...

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4 hours ago, True Grich said:

Greinke gave up a HR and a walk with the heart of the order still in front of him...  should have gone to Ozuna and then Cole for the 8th and 9th....

Either that, or have Cole warming up instead of Harris, and bring in Cole to at least get through the rest of the 7th inning and all of the 8th inning and then go to Osuna.     Harris sucked in game 6.

Don't be pitching Osuna for multiple innings either, 66 games for only 65 innings in 2019.   He's not a multiple innings guy.

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