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POLL: World Series Prediction

World Series prediction  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. Who and in how many games?

    • Astros in four
    • Astros in five
    • Astros in six
    • Astros in seven
    • Nationals in four
    • Nationals in five
    • Nationals in six
    • Nationals in seven

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2 hours ago, UndertheHalo said:

I don’t think the nationals will win in a sweep.  My only interest in this is it ending as quickly as possible.  So I’m willing an Astros sweep into existence by voting on this poll. 

you're a complicated man 

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Nats have been sitting too long. It’s like the All Star Break. The Astros are ready to go. 

Astros hitting is historically good and their pitching can match the Nats across the board. 

Unkess a miracle happens, the Astros will win. My prediction is conservative, 6 games, but I could easily see it as less. Only reason I give the Nats that much is their pitching. 

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Astros in 6. 

I think Washingtons pitching is super legit. But their pen isnt..

Id love to see Howie get a ring. But id also love to see houston sweep, so that I can troll my dodger buddies a bit more.

But then again, if washington wins, I could go with "you guys couldnt even beat houston, they did!"

I feel calzony now.

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