Could the Angels build a Washington Nationals type rotation this offseason?

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3 hours ago, ten ocho recon scout said:

He did spend big. We can call hil cheap, but in the last 8 years he handed out the biggest contract in history.... of any sport.... and the second largest contact (at the time). 

Within roughly 3 years of aquiring dead money in wells. Dead money in GMJ. Really dead money in Hamilton.


In some of my posts on this subject I did acknowledge that he spent big money on players past their prime, that were busts once joining the Angels. He hasn't spent big since the Hamilton disaster until extending Trout. He needs to spend big on the right players this offseason on player that are entering their prime and not leaving it. He has not approached the Tax threshold in years and it shows.

A’s take note: Angels made the right hire in Joe Maddon

If there’s one thing the Giants and A’s have in common, it’s the exasperation of second-class status in their divisions. The Dodgers look to be dominant well into the future, and we’ve seen the finest of the Houston Astros in the American League Championship Series.

Based on recent developments, Oakland’s road is going to be even tougher next year.

The long-flawed L.A. Angels made the perfect managerial hire in Joe Maddon. He’s 65, but he’s a new-age thinker who embraces analytics, relates to every type of player and keeps things loose with his distinctive sense of humor. Maybe he wouldn’t have been the ideal choice in the Giants’ search to replace Bruce Bochy, but the young-at-heart Maddon took Tampa Bay to the 2008 World Series and managed the Cubs three years ago to their first world championship since 1908.

Maddon can get things done, and he’s certain to draw the attention of free agents hitting the market this winter. The Angels never seem to get a handle on starting pitching — if your 2019 free-agent acquisitions are Matt Harvey and Trevor Cahill, you’re on a treadmill to nowhere — but the Maddon-led Angels will certainly be attractive to Houston ace Gerrit Cole, who attended Orange Lutheran High School and UCLA, or the Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg, who grew up in San Diego. Both men have fancied a return to Southern California, and you’d imagine Angels owner Arte Moreno will spare no expense.


We'll see soon enough...

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