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Edmonds made some of the greatest catches in CF of all time - certainly for the Halos.

Torri Hunter, I think matched him and exceeded him (for total number of amazing catches in a Halos uni) but never topped the Edmonds catch in Kansas City.

Trout has  made some amazing catches and throws from CF -- and I think there's at least that ONE Trout catch over the wall bring back a homerun ball that DOES top Edmonds Kansas City catch which - to many folks -- ranked up there with Willie Mays 1954 World Series Wirtz catch at the Polo Grounds.

Edmonds must be on the TV side for the St. Lous broadcasts -- I listen to a fair number of their radio broadcasts and have never heard him there,

Edmonds was a great CF for us. He was loved in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, he is also remembered for trashing (literally a Halos jersey) the Halos in that infamous Sports Illustrated article.  I lost respect for him upon reading it and he's never really gained it back.

Comes off as a pompous rich kid. Go back and dig up that SI article that ran during the off-season after he was traded to St. Louis.  Edmonds came of age in the MLB in a Halos uni with the Halos uni and then he trashes them.

Gene Autry was still alive at that time -- essentially Edmonds trashed the Cowboy, a true American hero/ icon --  no forgiveness here for Edmonds.

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10 hours ago, Biergott said:

I was at the Cards Nats game last night. Crazy how many Edmonds jerseys there were. Might’ve been #2 only to Musial. It was cool to see Howie almost hit the cycle. I was rooting for him....loudly....in an Angels hat. Best fans my ass. Scoreboard and organ prompted everything. Was pretty quiet for two teams in playoff races. Disappointed in the atmosphere honestly. Cool stadium though and the weather was perfect.



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